REV-6 the New Charge Assault Model and Sidearm





Introduction: REV-6 the New Charge Assault Model and Sidearm

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Well,  now there are two in my arsenal.  Both have all the internal mods I could find to do.  Both are shooting about 35-45 feet.  Below is a link to some serious power.  As far as asthetics go, my assault rifle has the individual chamber drum mod; my sidearm has a solid drum mod.  Take a look through these pictures, I belive there are some good ideas towards successful barrel extentions.  I have recently recieved some skepticism regarding the barrel extentions and how they are said to limt the range of the darts.  The point of an extention on a gun like this is purely for esthetics, not accuracy; IT LOOKS COOL!  Using a pipe with an inner diameter no less than the stock barrel, about an inch in diameter, should allow enough room for a dart to pass through unrestricted.  This is why I recommend using aluminum tubing, it's thin and lightweight, whereas CPVC is thick, heavy and most times not straight.  There's a good selection, as I found out, in a pair of crutches.  You can also find it in many inexpensive, used sporting goods.  As another alternative, aquarium cleaning tubes are a substantial plastic cylinder and make nice barrels; they come in several diameters and best of all they're cheap.
here is a link i found to some serious power upgrades for the Rev-6.

And this is a video of my gun:



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    have you thought about completly replacing the chamber plastic? I have seen that done and achieve range of 80ft with the maverick

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    Yes I've seen that done too, and they do shoot really far. Even though I've done the internal mods on these guns, I was really just experimenting with what I could do to to the appearance. I might try that on my next maverick though.

    thanks. i appreciate it.

    what material and size of tubing did u use for the barrel? have a maverick with almost the same paintjob but tried adding barrel but darts kept getting stuck.

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    to be more specific its aluminum and the inner diameter is 7/8 inch.

    hey. I used tubing from an old set of crutches that i had. The tubing is just the right size to fit and its very light. The hammered copper parts on the barrel are also from the crutches, the plastic supports which work well to hold everything together.