Another Method for Hacking the Cuisinart SupremeGrind for Espresso

Picture of Another Method for Hacking the Cuisinart SupremeGrind for Espresso
This instructable will detail another method to modify your Cuisinart SupremeGrind for espresso. This is an alternative method to the one provided by 'sehrgut' entitled 'Hacking the Cuisineart SupremeGrind for Espresso'. I highly recommend reading that instructable as this one will be only supplementary.

Firstly, I'd like to say that while this method will allow the machine to create a finer grind, in the process, we will remove the safety systems that protect the grinder from damaging itself. Modifying the grinder in this way can damage your grinder and will likely void the warranty (if there is one). After completing this modification, be well aware of the distance between the burrs before you start grinding. 

My current opinion is that the even after completing this procedure, this grinder is not capable of producing a good espresso grind. However, it will produce a grind much finer than what it is natively capable of.

This method uses two step approach. In the first step we remove the physical barrier preventing the hopper to turn past the finest grind level. In the second step, we disable the electronic control that stops the grinder from turning on when the bean hopper is turned past the finest grind level. 
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Step 1: Cut the Plastic Tabs

Picture of Cut the Plastic Tabs
First, we need to remove the plastic tabs that stop the hopper from turning past the finest grind setting. Empty the beans from the hopper, unscrew the hopper, and separate it from the rest of the machine. You'll see two protruding plastic tabs on the top of the machine that are separated by the circumferential groove. Removing these tabs will allow the hopper to turn past the furthest grind level. I used a pair of wire cutters which worked well. These pictures show these tabs already removed, but hopefully you can see where they used to be. 
lkur5 months ago

Does the switch activator need to be in a particular position within the housing? i.e. pushed all the way up to the crossbar section of the switch, etc? I placed the switch so the tip is even with the outer lip of the housing, but the grinder isn't turning back on at all now in any grind setting.

Tyler Couto (author)  lkur5 months ago
Hi, I'm sorry you're having trouble. I haven't looked at this in a while, but it seems to me like the switch isn't being activated. I would suggest trying different things with the switch activator until you can be sure that the switch is activated. I hope this helps!
misterioes1 year ago
Just signed up to offer a big "thank you" for this method! It's superior in quite a few ways to the other one: You don't need special aluminium foil, and sure is more "robust". I'm not too good in terms of repairing/hacking household items, usually I break them during the course :) But this one worked just fine. I'll add some things that I was missing in your guide for future hackers ;)

* "Unscrew the hopper" means just turn the whole thing counter-clockwise. I'm ashamed to admit I was looking for screws to pull out for way too long.
* Removing the 2 plastic obstacles was incredibly easy with a stanley knife.
* You don't need a special philips screw for those "triangle"-shaped screws. Just use a small hexagon socket screw/allen key, it fit perfectly.
* When you removed your front, you could turn it 90° and had easy access to it - my grinder had different cables on the electronics board in appearance and sadly also in length - the last steps took a steady hand for sure :)
* Didn't glue on the plastic thingy, it hooked up nicely into the switch anyway *fingers crossed* that it holds.

Really impressive. I'm currently figuring out the perfect grind without artificial restrictions and it's fun (and tasty!) to do so :) Thanks again!
Tyler Couto (author)  misterioes1 year ago
Cool, I'm glad you found it useful! I'm about to retire my cuisinart in favor of a manual burr grinder. I feel like the cuisinart gives me way too many fines, no matter what grind level I use. How's it working for you?