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As simple as it gets - LED bike lamp, tray, glass, water and washing up liquid.

Or - LED bike lamp, plastic sandwhich container, jam jar, water and washing up liquid.

Put the glass in the tray, rest the lamp on top of it, add water with a touch of washing up liquid to the tray.

Leave overnight. I find that different areas of the room get different numbers of fleas.

You might notice lots of fleas on one side of the tray - presumably they've all come bouncing over from one side of the room.

Haven't tried the flashing light setting yet.

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mad_b (author)2017-01-19

No heat needed? Maybe a heat source (like a small 7W incandescent lamp) could provide better results. Fleas are attracted mainly by heat (people and pets do not emit visible light, just IR) :)

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