I loved bserinese's and 1_Steve_Jobs's simple Han-Solo-in-Carbonite costumes, so when I came across a weird live-action glucometer costume(?) that I could use as an easy base for my own Carbonite chamber, I got to work...

This costume is a pretty fast fix except for the spray-paint, for which I recommend two coats. Have fun!

- Carbdoard box (or in my case foam box)
- Old shirt, pants, gloves
- Wire hangers (2)
- Safety pins
- Bubble wrap or other stuffing
- Spray paint

- Han Solo belt & other accessories as desired
- Fittings for sides of chamber if you like
- Some cutting tool if you need to cut arm & face holes
- Face paint if you're into it
- A Princess Leia to walk around with you saying she loves you so you can say "I know."

Step 1: 1. Acquire Box

I was lucky enough to come upon this foam box as a base for the costume. It appears to have begun life as a costume for a promotional piece for some glucometer(?)... (Who dresses up as a glucometer?)

Benefits of such a base:
- Pre-positioned arm and face holes
- Head straps to keep the costume comfortably in place at all times
- Fabric to attach other elements of costume to
- Mesh top to vent body heat (I wore this costume at a crowded party...)

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