Another Steampunk Pencil


Introduction: Another Steampunk Pencil

This is a steampunk inspired mechanical pencil i made out of a pencil some bolts and screws and some wiring from a computer chip. This could only be made with the inspiration and help from the user CowsCanKill's instructable found here :



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    simple, but in a really cool way- some of those other steampunk instructables are way to over the top ,making the thing to heavy to use! 10 out of 10.

    Your little boxes that come up with further reference, is an ideal way future Instructable writers can enhance product information, without one delving through long scripts or having to ask the obvious.Nice start up Pen.

    Wow, this one actually looks cool in comparison to the last one.

    aww, no reference to mine? i think ures looks much better btw

    Instead of using solder I use un-coated florist's wire for my steampunk projects. A dry-brushing of gold paint does wonders on steel/ silver

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    Hmm where can I purchase that kind of wire?