Here comes my own version of the paper/tyvek wallet !!
After studying all the versions of those who already posted their I ended up making my own out of a document envelope.
So now I want to give back and share it with you.

I can already hear you saying: "Oh no... not another paper wallet, does the world really needs one more?" . Well... may be not, but this one has some differences with others that you might like:

- First it's a "traveler version" : it has two main notes pockets to store your money . You could use that in case you are traveling and need to keep different currencies like dollars and/or euros, pesos, crowns... you name it. Otherwise you might keep small notes (1, 5, 10 dollar bills) and big notes (20, 50...).

- One of the money pockets has an extra security feature to prevent notes slipping out of the wallet (using the closing lip of the envelope)

- Other than that it has 6 more pockets for subway tickets, credit cards, business cards, etc...

- Last it has one different not common among other paper wallets. In this wallet every 2 layers of paper/tyvek form a pocket you can access and use, while sometimes paper wallets have two layers of paper one over the other that are not usable and end up only adding to the thickness of the wallet but providing no other feature.  This version might result in being 1/4 less thick compared to others

Step 1: Materials and Tools

one paper or tyvek document envelope, A4 size

xacto knife
What size of tyvex do you use? 9 x 12 or 10 x 15?
Hmmm...Inches? Sorry... metric system here...<br>Anyway it was the standard &quot;A4&quot; size, so i guess 9x12 :-)<br>But it should work for any size, you can try both and se what fits best for you.<br><br>Some coutries have very big currency notes, they could benefit a larger wallet
Thanks for posting this instructable
My pleasure !! :-)<br>I'll post another soon about a bottle opener
I made this wallet yesterday, and so far I'm impressed. It holds everything my old wallet did, but with only half the thickness. Nice job.
Happy you liked it!<br>Let me know how it performs using it for a long time :-)
Can you draw on it like the mighty wallet?
Drawing or printing on it depends on the material (tyvek or paper?) and the ink you use.<br>Generlly I think you can. I had good results with CD pens, others used theyr inkjet printers, but it could result in jamming the envelope inside it or other: do it at your own risk... ;-)
It looks very cool. I don't have any Tyvek currently so I cant make it.
This is the same design as the mighty wallet. Yay! Now we canget it for cheaper!
No way !<br>The mighty wallet does not have 2 &quot;main money pockets&quot; and has two small side pockets that this one does not have <br><br>;-)<br>
Hmmm ...

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