Picture of Another aquarium LED hood light Easier! cheaper!
I know theres alot of diy LED light online already so here's another..although this one is cheaper and less complex than most.

Required skills and knowledge: Basic soldering, cutting plastic with a dremel and basic electrical theory.

Step 1: Materials and tools

Tools you'll need:
Soldering iron and lead to connect wires
Glue gun
Dremel drill with circular cutting disk.
Electrical tape
Wire clippers
Small file
Screw driver

110v LED bulbs $3 to $10 each(depends on how bright you want your fish tank)
6 to 9 ft Extension cord $1 to $2
Wall switch less than $1 *not required
PVC gutter 12 feet for $6.50
PVC gutter end covers $2.50 each
PVC 3/4 inch conduit clamps 5 for 76 cents *not required
* All materials except the LED bulbs was bought at Menards Hardware store.
gduke3 years ago
It looks like you are using 8 "bulbs". Question is, what size of tank, or better, how did you calculate the number of "bulbs" needed based on the size of your tank?
Thank you
z3ds (author)  gduke3 years ago
Hi my fish tank is a 29 gallon. I held one light bulb over the aquarium and just imagined the x amount of light it will produce if I put x amount of bulbs.