I know theres alot of diy LED light online already so here's another..although this one is cheaper and less complex than most.

Required skills and knowledge: Basic soldering, cutting plastic with a dremel and basic electrical theory.

Step 1: Materials and Tools

Tools you'll need:
Soldering iron and lead to connect wires
Glue gun
Dremel drill with circular cutting disk.
Electrical tape
Wire clippers
Small file
Screw driver

110v LED bulbs $3 to $10 each(depends on how bright you want your fish tank)
6 to 9 ft Extension cord $1 to $2
Wall switch less than $1 *not required
PVC gutter 12 feet for $6.50
PVC gutter end covers $2.50 each
PVC 3/4 inch conduit clamps 5 for 76 cents *not required
* All materials except the LED bulbs was bought at Menards Hardware store.
It looks like you are using 8 &quot;bulbs&quot;. Question is, what size of tank, or better, how did you calculate the number of &quot;bulbs&quot; needed based on the size of your tank?<br>Thank you<br>Guy
Hi my fish tank is a 29 gallon. I held one light bulb over the aquarium and just imagined the x amount of light it will produce if I put x amount of bulbs.

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