Another choice for knitted hems - the straight edged hem

Ribbed hems are all well and good and they are wonderful for sweaters and other casual garments. However, what do you do if you want a hemline that does not stretch? You can knit the picot hem,
However, this can be a bit too fancy sometimes and you might be wanting something a bit plainer with a bit more dignity. The answer is the straight edged hem.

This is a very easy hem to make.
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Step 3: Continuing on

To show more clearly what the edge should look like, I changed colours to grey and knitted several more rows in that colour.

The piece that is knitted in "gold" will be your jacket (or sleeve) edge. As you can see in the photo, the old hemline (your cast on edge) desperately wants to curl up!

Your new hemline (where you see the raised knitted row) will not turn up once it is sewn neatly into place on the wrong side.
MicioGatta5 months ago

Really good ideas!

canida6 years ago
These are all so useful! I'm going to have to knit something wearable now. ;)