Another Easy Illusion. the After Image.





Introduction: Another Easy Illusion. the After Image.

Another easy illusion on paint, the after image.
this can be viewed on paint or powerpoint or some other
American slide show program.

Step 1: The Pic

go somewhere and get a pic that you want
as an after image.
simple pics work best

Step 2: Getting It Ready

make a small white circle in the middle of the pic.
then invert the colours. (ctrl i)

Step 3: The After Image

save what you have done and the delete everything in the pic exept for dot.
then save that as something else.

Step 4: Watching It.

if you have powerpoint or another slide show viewer make the inverted pic first slide then dot
the bext slide.
tell viewer to stare at dot for 20-30 sec then go next slide.
you should see normal pic.

On paint.
if you don't have a slide show viewer go to dot pic, press ctrl a then ctrl c.
then got to inverted pic and stare at dot for 20-30 sec then press ctrl v.
hope you enjoy



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    aaaaaaaaaaaah help a floating flag! its everywhere!

    control i only turns the italic on.what country are you in?

    1 reply

    dude in paint, ctrl i- invertttt and im pretty sure that the country is irrelevant

    You see the normal union jack.

    ok but i don't now hoe to unpublish.

    You should be posting all of these illusions in one instructable instead of one for each.