Another Gooood Sandwich





Introduction: Another Gooood Sandwich

I made another sandwich...yum.

Step 1: Bread

The bread is important. Tuscan Wheat Bread is the one in the picture. I think the brand is called 'When Pigs Fly'

Step 2: Turkey


Step 3: Ham

then some ham...

Step 4: Mayo

Mayo, of course. Gotta have mayo.

Step 5: Lettuce

gotta make this a little healthy...add lettuce.

Step 6: Bacon!!

ha ha there's a little $1.00 cupon. I put on regular and canadian bacon.

Step 7: The Egg

the eggs tough. You have to cook it sunny side up, but be careful not to break the yolk. If you do, you don't get all the runny eggy goodness. But thats just me.

Step 8: All Done

Yep, it's finished! just cut it in half. I ate mine with a hard boiled egg.



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    I'm gonna trim the fat off the bacon so I can add more mayo :)

     Kinda reminds me of the sandwich Adam Sandler made in Spanglish. Not a big fan of Sunny side up eggs, but looks ama-za-zing!!  Would only add a slice of havarti and gobble gobble...

    Looks kind of intimidating but I'd give it the old college try. And, since I haven't tried it, this is just speculation; It's very possibly a masterpiece as it stands and I'm not one to tamper with perfection. That being said, I'm thinking maybe lightly toasted with two eggs placed on the bottom piece of bread, the bacon brothers, the other bacon brothers, the turkey, ham. the lettuce and that sandwich would have about 8 minutes to live. (I'd have a piece of cheese at the ready just in case)

    Take out the egg and put some cheese in it. Try swiss.

    I'd sub spinach for the lettuce. lettuce is basically solidified water.

    Brilliant. It was one of the best sandwiches i have tasted in a while.

    aaak... some one call 911... arteries... clogging! :) LOL sweet sandwich! I no likea ham though :( so i sub with mortadella. (s'real good!)

    aaak... some one call 911... arteries... clogging! :) LOL sweet sandwich! I no likea ham though :( so i sub with mortadella. (s'real good!)

    Mmmmmmm, I can already hear myself getting fatter. LOL Where's the cheese?

    this looks delicious, but after my continental experiance i don't know if i can hack the runny egg sarnies. you see, i've got some pretty excessive side burns....and runny eggs, on flat platforms, seem to LOVE to hide in them....oh hell, i'll try this. but if i get one HINT of egg on my face, boy will i be red. maybe i should just trim inch and a half might be too long.

    FYI, Trader Joe's in New England often carries bread that's indistinguishable from When Pigs Fly bread, and is usually much cheaper.

    I would replace the lettuce and mayo with cheese.. Otherwise, there's enough meat.

    yummm dude but it need more runny thats the best part