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Mi notebook tiene un problemita: la pantalla parpadea a ratos (arreglado a fines de setiembre 2010, era un contacto flojo). Pero me he dado cuenta de que si la abro todo lo que da, el defecto disminuye.
Pero entonces me veo obligado a levantar la parte trasera, porque si no la pantalla apunta casi hacia arriba.
Por otra parte, estando levantada se refrigera mejor, y el teclado es más cómodo.

My notebook has a little problem: the screen flickers at times (repaired in late September 2010, it was a loose connection). But I realized that if I open it totally, the defect decreases.
But then I have to lift the rear, otherwise the screen points almost straight up.
Moreover, being raised it is cooled better, and the keyboard is more comfortable.

Step 1: Materiales (materials)

Picture of Materiales (materials)

Se puede hacer gratis con materiales que hay en casa, pero con unos centavos adicionales mejora un poco.

. Dos perchas de alambre (o dos metros de alambre duro)
. Opcional: dos pequeñas hebillas de las que tienen los corpiños
. Aproximadamente 80 cm de cinta gruesa. En último caso, hilo de atar paquetes.
. Una abrochadora para papeles
. 30 o 40 cm de espaguetti termocontraible, o cinta adhesiva o espaguetti normal. En último caso, hilo de atar paquetes.

It can be done with free materials in house, but with some additional pennies, it will have a little improvement.

. Two wire hangers (or two meters or hard wire)
. Optional: two small buckles, those for bras
. Approximately 80 cm thick ribbon. Ultimately, packages thread.
. A paper stapler
. 30 to 40 cm of shrink spaghetti, or duct tape, or common spaghetti. Ultimately, packages thread.

Step 2: Ten Minutes of Work (diez Minutos De Trabajo)

Picture of Ten Minutes of Work (diez Minutos De Trabajo)
1) Desarmar las perchas y enderezar el alambre
2) Hacer dos rectángulos con los alambres, largos como el ancho de la notebook y de unos 10 cm de alto. Es preferible, pero no necesario, que uno de los rectángulos sea 1 cm más chico en ambas dimensiones. Eso facilitará el plegado
3) Unirlos con el espaghetti, o con cinta adhesiva, o atarlos con hilo como se ve en las fotos, por la parte de los extremos de los alambres.
4) Colocar con la abrochadora un lazo de cinta con hebilla en cada extremo del lado largo y libre de uno de los rectángulos
5) Colocar un trozo de cinta en el lado opuesto del otro rectángulo.

1) Tearing down and straighten the wire hangers
2) Make two rectangles with the wires, long as the width of the notebook and about 10 cm high. It is preferable, but not necessary, that one of the rectangles is 1 cm smaller in both dimensions. This will facilitate the folding
3) link them with spaghetti straps, or tape, or tie them with thread, as shown in the photos, on the side of the ends of the wires.
4) Put with the stapler a ribbon lace with a buckle at each end of the long free side from one of the rectangles
5) Place a piece of tape on the opposite side of another rectangle.

Step 3: Use (uso)

Picture of Use (uso)
Casi no requiere explicación.

Se enhebra cada cinta larga dentro de la hebilla que tiene al frente, se ajusta de manera que ambos rectángulos queden en forma de caballete y se regula la altura tensando o aflojando las cintas. En caso de usar hilo en vez de cintas y hebillas, habrá que atar el hilo a la longitud correcta. 

Casi me olvidaba: el soporte se pliega y se guarda en la funda junto con la notebook. Prácticamente no ocupa lugar, y es muy liviano y resistente.

Hardly requires an explanation.

Each long ribbon is threaded into the buckle that is in front, is set so that both squares are easel shaped and regulates the height by tightening or loosening the ribbons. When using thread instead of ribbons and buckles, we must tie the thread to the correct length.

I almost forgot: the stand is folded and stored in the sleeve with the notebook. It practically does not take place, and is very lightweight and durable.

Step 4:

Hoy 13 de marzo de 2011 hice algunas mejoras al soporte. Lo merece.

Today March 13, 2011 I made ​​some improvements to the support. It deserves it.


mganpate (author)2012-08-09

i one question that time lap top is slide this moment then how to control ?

profpat (author)2012-02-25

bonito, muy bien! saludo mio!

very nice and well made! i salute you! thanks for sharing Rimar!


rimar2000 (author)profpat2012-02-26

Thanks, profpat! Really, it is very useful for me, I use it allways.

MRedu (author)2011-12-28

Very cool stand! and very cheap to make, which is how it should be.

rimar2000 (author)MRedu2011-12-29

Yes, I am using it in this moment, is very useful.

Thanks for your comment!

michaelgohjs (author)2010-11-09

hei this looks great!
its a good idea on how to make it portable and adjustable
voted 4.5 star!
nono..i think i should vote it 5 stars
very simple, cheap,adjustable, and GENIUS !!

emm..maybe get it to fold up with a fan?

rimar2000 (author)michaelgohjs2010-11-09

Thanks for the compliment!

No fan, I seek the KISS principle: "Keep It Simple, Stupid"

thewizard42 (author)rimar20002010-11-18

Ah yes, i get bombarded with in my opinion the best piece of advice from my shop teacher every day

Shadow13! (author)2010-11-12

I have been trying create or find instructions for a laptop stand that doesn't take much space taking to college and any where else. Thank You for ending my search.

rimar2000 (author)Shadow13!2010-11-12

Thank you for your comment, Shadow13. Really, this stand is very useful, I am still using it.

danbar (author)2010-08-04

hey! muy padre que gusto leer uno de estos en español digo casi no hay vdd? felicitaciones util y sencillo

rimar2000 (author)danbar2010-08-04

Gracias, lo sigo usando con buen resultado. No soy el único que hace instructables bilingües, cada vez hay más usuarios que se animan. De paso, uno aprende algo de inglés.

boris_81 (author)2010-07-15

who would of thought? nice touch doing it on both languages.

rimar2000 (author)boris_812010-07-15

Thanks!! I think this is the minimum courtesy that is due to homeowners. Not all think alike, especially since it is not easy to write in English when one speak only Spanish. The online translators help a lot, but sometimes they say just the opposite that one is trying to say.

gb123 (author)2010-07-03

lol i just use some books... =D

german_rom (author)2010-06-10

Felicitaciones, muy buena idea para llevar en el estuche, es espectacular leer un post en castellano y mas si tiene un mate entre las imagenes!!!

rimar2000 (author)german_rom2010-06-10

Gracias, y si gusta un mate métale nomás...

xavanty (author)2010-05-09

 Thanks men for this nice intructables, i love it because very portable ...

Obrigado, Gracias.

rimar2000 (author)xavanty2010-05-10

Thank for the thanks, xavanty.

"Obrigado" is Portuguese, not Spanish. But the intention is what counts, so thanks newly.

Jazz4Sale (author)2010-04-05

 lo atamo con alambre lo atamo...buenisimo.  Yo hice uno con PVC (tuberia de plastico), una modificacion de un instructable de aca.  Buenisima la foto con el mate.

Desde Houston, Texas, USA un abraso.

rimar2000 (author)Jazz4Sale2010-04-05

Ojo, que para atar con alambre hay que aprender algunas cositas, que "no es pa' todos la bota e' potro". Una abrazadera pampa no tiene nada que envidiarle en efectividad a una comprada, siempre que esté bien hecha.

Lo hice con alambre porque plegado, prácticamente no ocupa lugar. Lo guardo dentro del mismo "portanotebook"

Para los gringos:
Warning, to wire have to learn some things, because "it is not for all the horse boot". A pampa clamp has nothing to envy in effect to one purchased, provided it is well done.

I did it in
wire because bending it, hardly takes up space. I keep it within the same notebook case.

dan and kon (author)2009-11-13

 thanks for the awsome instructable :)

rimar2000 (author)dan and kon2009-11-13

Thanks you, for the compliment!

Phil B (author)2009-11-12

Very good and practical, as well as very portable for travel.  Thank you.

rimar2000 (author)Phil B2009-11-12

Thanks, Phil. I can't make something complicated or expensive ;)

Phil B (author)rimar20002009-11-12

 An exception to your rule would be your "Poor Man's Lathe" Instructable.  I thought that was pretty impressive.

rimar2000 (author)Phil B2009-11-12

Maybe, Phil. That project I went back and forth for several weeks. And it is still far. But it is not expensive, simply has several parts. Thanks for your kindness.

lemonie (author)2009-11-12

Lightweight & simple, nice


rimar2000 (author)lemonie2009-11-12

Thanks, lemonie. I can't make something complicated or expensive ;)

lemonie (author)rimar20002009-11-12

A person doesn't always need to - good functionality is often more important than looks.


rimar2000 (author)lemonie2009-11-12

I agree totally with you. But not all persons think that.

NachoMahma (author)2009-11-12

.  Good job - simple and effective

rimar2000 (author)NachoMahma2009-11-12

Thanks, Nacho. I can't make something complicated or expensive ;)

(Did you see that accents and other Hispanic characters are well shown now in Instructables?) 

rimar2000 (author)2009-11-12

Felicito al staff de Instructables, porque han resuelto el tema de los caracteres hispánicos.

I congratulate the Instructables staff, because they have resolved the issue of Hispanic characters.

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