Introduction: Another Third-hand Solution

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This isn't something new. For a while I was planing to make third-hand, so I came up with this... You can say that is a multifunctional third-hand.

p.s.: I'm very sorry if some words are misspelled, english is my second language.

Step 1: 5V Regulator

Picture of 5V Regulator

I made 5 volt regulator with 7805 regulator and put it all together on a small circuit board. I was thinking it will be a good ideal to make it portable, so I made a switch to chose between battery or power supply.

Step 2: Housing Aka. Weight for a Hand

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I made housing fro plastic an put some metal bits inside to make it heavy (I glue them together with super glue).

Step 3: Making a Hand

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For I hand I use a body from I old microphone. Thought I pul 3 wires (Ground, 5V - from regulator and voltage from input).
And I put everything together.

Step 4: Making a Handle

Picture of Making a Handle

With some plastic I made a handle so that I can "connect" different things on the top of the hand. Then I use some rubber and straps to mount the handle to the hand.

Step 5: Making Things for the Handle

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For example I made motor (I will put some fans on It and use it for hot days :) ). In the future I'm planing to make fan to suck smoke from my soderiron and some bright LEDs to serve me as a nightstand light.

That's it.

Step 6: More Things for Handle

Picture of More Things for Handle

- fan for sucking smoke from the soldering


ajitam (author)2009-05-03

no problem ... I change the first picture

lemonie (author)2009-05-03

Looks good - can you post a picture of the whole completed hand? L

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