I had a usb key lying on my desk for while, the casing had cracked and opened and I kept it until i found the proper replacement casing.
I hope the analog feel of it will please the film photographers on instructables :)

Step 1: the film cartidge

I used a reusable film cartridge i had with my bulk film loader.
I actually like the plastic film cartidge better, they are more reliable and close firmly.
As I had no use of this metal cartridge, i found it perfect for that little project.
You could of course use a standard film cartridge! Use a cheap roll if you discard the film or a roll you reuse after you developed it's film on your own ;).
I advise you open your cartridge it with a bottle opener, it's the safest way.

We can tell you are a photographer =D<br/><br/>Great photos mate!<br/>
this is the nicest comment i could get ;) thanks !
&nbsp;only true though! the clear photos make an instructable about 99.99% better!<br /> <br /> Thanks, i may have to try this. the only thing is that i'm pure digital and don't have any spools.<br />
nice clear pictures

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