This is a different paper popper, and can still be made with a rectangle. both models can be made with a rectangular sheet of newspaper for a louder bang. or in this case, a crack!!!
this popper makes a sound like a cracking wip.

Step 1: 1

fold on the dark line through the middle

Step 2: 2

fold the two corners down on each side, with the last fold from step 1 on the bottom. btw, the gray represents the other side of the paper.

Step 3: 3

fold in half.

Step 4: 4

fold on each side along the lines, middle fold first. the middle fold should be a mountain fold, and the other two shold be valley folds. flip over to get it oriented right for the next picture.

Step 5: 5

eek, forgot about the end... sorry. here it is.
Well, you could pay attention to the "be nice" policy a bit. Sorry for my utter lack of video camera.
my bad u can still use a webcam or camera or a cell phone
I, Personally, like these much better than the square ones. They are much more durable and, when you get it right, can give out a pop as loud as a cap gun shot. I have been making triangle ones for 4 years and i still stick with it.
man nobody can understand a single thing u are trying to explain in here, maybe if u add a vid it wuld kinda help stupid
what size paper, where are the first two folds supposed to stop, what's a mountain fold yours looks like a flat top, what's a valley fold and where, well I knew what you meant but my grand kids didn't. and what a pitiful pip it gets, yes I meant pip.
8 1/2 by 11". A mountain fold is when you fold the flap behind it, or "Backward" like from | to < with the point facing you.
Awesome! I'd seen these when I was a kid, but forgot how to make 'em. Thanks for posting this.
Thanks for the comment. I learned about these in a prank book about 2 years ago and forgot how to make it until I saw it again on the web.
could you tell me the name of the book? im kind of upsessed
Its called "Kid's Shenanigans". Unfortunately, I'm pretty sure it's out of print :(
If you make an instructable you finished it you screwd this all up worst instructable
sheesh, I just forgot. no need to be rude.
This is definately rad. I remember these from when I was a little kid. Also, don't take shit from kids who can't even formulate a complete sentence.
That's true, I think that this is a great instructable.
wow, this sucks. No explanation given. Better luck next time -- You'll need it! =)<br/>
How does the thing work?????
ok...so then what....
...Then get distracted, drink a beer and pass out, forever leaving a unfinished instructable for all to see.

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