Introduction: Answer Life's Burning Questions - Round 3

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People search for stuff at Instructables all the time. Sometimes they find what they're looking for, and sometimes they don't. But there are a few common how-tos that come up often enough that make us wonder, "why don't we have an Instructable on that?"

The answer is of course, because no one has written one. But you can change all that.

Below I've listed out a number of popular "wanted Instructables". If you write an Instructable about one of these topics we will send you a free Instructables Burning Questions prize pack consisting of a robot patch and a Burning Questions bumper sticker!

Wanted Instructables:
  • How to cut hair
  • How to fly fish
  • Learn to draw
  • How to do sedu hairstyles
  • How to hack telnet
  • How to pass a drug test
  • How to make hair bows
  • How to make wine
  • How to build stairs (as in a staircase)
  • Build a whiskey still
  • How to French kiss (stay classy on this one)
  • How to get six pack abs
  • How to decorate a christmas tree
  • Handmade Christmas tree ornaments

  • Rules:
  • The Instructables have to be of good quality. Lots of people are looking for these answers so put some extra effort in. They have to be detailed, contain plenty of good pictures, and actually provide a good answer to the question. If they're lousy (you know when they are), no prize pack for you.
  • They have to be titled exactly as they appear above. Why? Because that's what people are looking for.
  • They have to have a publish date after December 10th.
  • They have to be on the list! Only Instructables answering questions on the list will be admitted to the group and prizes.

Generally, there's going to be only one winner, but if there's a good faith effort by two people at the same time, we'll call both of you winners.

I've created a group to keep track of everything, called Burning Questions. If you want the shirt, you've got to add your Instructable to the group.

When we've determined an Instructable is of high enough quality, we'll add a link to it on the next step of the Instructable in the "Answered Questions" section and take it away from our "Wanted" list.

Once it's added to the Burning Questions group I will send you a private message letting you know how you can claim your prize pack.

Have any questions about the Burning Questions Contest? Post them below as comments to this Instructable!

This is how to add an Instructable to a group.
And this is how to write a great Instructable.

Step 1: Answered Questions

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Check out all the burning questions that have already been answered from rounds 1 & 2!
Round 3


Guthix Priest (author)2015-09-11

I actually just added a how to pass a drug test.

MrStuff (author)2008-06-11

Is "How to Blow Smoke Rings" still unanswered (I would like to call Dibs)? Also any interest in "how to set up a "Hookah / Sheesha / Water Pipe"?

gustavio101 (author)MrStuff2015-04-02

Just go check on youtube for smokerings, thats how i learned it. It's hard to show with just pictures, there's also different ways of doing it.

noahw (author)2008-01-24

That would be a cool project to see on the site, although, hot glue guns are so cheap that I imagine that most people just buy one when they need it. I tried to make a hot cheese gun that would shoot molten cheese out of a hot glue gun that could be used as an adhesive on food related/edible building projects. It was challenging to say the least, and I still don't have a prototype that works real well.

ERNesbitt (author)noahw2008-02-23

I'd buy one. I could make the Grilled Pyramids at cheese-a, L'arch de Gruyere, Cheddarhenge, The Colby Gate Bridge! This list goes on!

siegeking (author)ERNesbitt2014-09-15

I d definitely buy one aswell

lawizeg (author)noahw2008-02-23

And instead of hot glue sticks, you use cheese sticks. They have them in the store.

KentsOkay (author)2007-12-12

I'll get to work on drawing dragons...

noahw (author)KentsOkay2007-12-12
It's a shame we can't just post the Strongbad Trogdor email video as an answer to this question.

But the real Instructable should be nice too.
dwhp (author)noahw2008-12-01

lol,thats funny!

KentsOkay (author)noahw2007-12-12

Already have a name, How to Draw Dragons: A Beginner's Guide To The Creation Of Humankind's Favorite Monster

noahw (author)KentsOkay2007-12-12

That's an awesome title - but as you can see from the rules page titles need to be created exactly as written on the Wanted Instructables list.

KentsOkay (author)noahw2007-12-13

Ahh, no secondary tittle?

noahw (author)KentsOkay2007-12-13

Your more then welcome to put the second title in the intro - but the title has to be written as it appears above.

thinker (author)noahw2008-04-14

is it too late to do one of these? even if its already been done? like, can you have competing ones?

KentsOkay (author)noahw2007-12-30

Posted! I'm so lucky, I've got 7 instructables...

KentsOkay (author)noahw2007-12-12

Haha! I'll add that to the Instructable just for laughs...

noahw (author)KentsOkay2007-12-18

I just wanted to let you know that I'll be making the Burning Questions Contest public on Friday 12/21, so if you are still planning on writing up your Instructable, now is the time to do it. I hope to see your project submitted to the group. We're really hoping that established authors like yourself will tackle some of the best Burning Questions in this preview round.

KentsOkay (author)noahw2007-12-18

"established authors like yourself", I like that makes me sound so professional...

lawizeg (author)2008-03-24

How about one on making a rubber band ball? Or making REAL iced tea?

Keith-Kid (author)2008-03-15

How to learn japanese (basic) How to learn Spanish (basic) - I can make one of these How to make bonsai trees

SFHandyman (author)2007-12-26

One more burning question. How do you polish abrasions out of mirror glass? My apartment is 1924 and someone must have used an abrasive cleaner on at least part of the mirror at one time. I'm a preservationist and would like to keep the original glass in place.I haven't seen any small containers of appropriate polishing compounds or non commercial size buffers. I wonder if I could do it with a Dremel. Seems like there should be a polishing pad that would at least fit on a handheld sander. I suppose it could be demounted and taken to a professional, but what's the fun in that?

SFHandyman (author)SFHandyman2007-12-29

Thanks Stasterisk: I've been able to get the shine back on a lot of plastics and fiberglasses, but this old window glass seems to never get there. I'm sure there is a way. They've been polishing out etching cream from windows for quite a while.

leebryuk (author)SFHandyman2008-02-18

Your basically looking to make glass that is of optical quality. It depends on the depth of scratches, the amount of them, and their placement. You can try to look at some web sites that specialize in automotive glass repairs. You'll eventually stumble upon a type of kit that uses a buffer and incredibly fine powder. For what it's worth, it's not going to be worth it (sorry.) Old glass 'silvers' . The edges will loose their protective coating and show the silvering on the back. It also depends on how it was mounted. Some glass installers used channels, and others used a product that was like sticky tar called mastick. Others used both. Good Luck THough

SFHandyman (author)leebryuk2008-02-23

Thanks. I'll see if I can find the powder. I haven't thought to check out automotive glass websites. The mirror's problem isn't the silvering on the back (I have one from the 40's like that and I kind of like the age it shows). This mirror is simply scratched from the front by aggressive cleaning. It is mounted with hooks not mastic so I could replace it. I'm just wondering where to get the rouge that would work on glass. I enjoy fixing things, so replacing it wouldn't be any fun for me.

leebryuk (author)SFHandyman2008-02-23

That's a good question. There's got to be online stores that have sections on glass restoration. In some of my old buildings we had glass that was 200 years old.

stasterisk (author)SFHandyman2007-12-28

A friend of mine takes the scratches out of ipod screens by progressively polishing up to 10,000 grit sandpaper

SFHandyman (author)stasterisk2008-02-23

I didn't know it went up to 10,000 grit. I'll have to look for this.

ERNesbitt (author)SFHandyman2008-02-23

Try using the cleaning solution for glass-top stoves. It has a very mild abrasive in it, but it also fills in etched ares nicely.

westfw (author)2007-12-28

What does "how to hack telnet" mean?

zachninme (author)westfw2008-01-01

I'm equally curious... both "hack" and "telnet" are so vauge...
how to hack with telnet
how to hack your telnet client
how to crack (with) telnet

westfw (author)zachninme2008-01-02

also possible: how to hack telnet servers, and/or servers that operate a control connection that uses telnet protocols. Telnet is a good (bad) example of the vagueness of RFC-based protocols; good at saying what you should do to accomplish certain common things, but poor in how to handle errors/etc.

regisd (author)westfw2008-02-23

will the answer have to be rfc748-compliant?

zachninme (author)westfw2008-01-02

How I love my SSH...

lawizeg (author)2008-02-23

I want to do one on how to draw. Can I? Or has it been answered?

Keith-Kid (author)2008-01-26

How bout how to make bonsai? I've always wanted to make one of those

chaoscampbell (author)2008-01-17

Is my how to build stairs instructable accepted?

noahw (author)chaoscampbell2008-01-24

Sorry to leave you hanging without an answer for a little while're project is accepted to the group, but I am going to leave it up on the list since I think that we could still get another entry that would fill in the missing steps and show the process happening live step by step a bit more fully.

fredricksburgthethird (author)2008-01-17

i am going to attempt the six pack abs one, i dont have abs yet but im close i will follow my instructable and post how many days it took me to get six pack abs.

zachninme (author)2008-01-01

Ooh, can you put up a picture of the bumper sticker?

noahw (author)zachninme2008-01-02

Here is the file I used to print the stickers on our sticker printer!

technick29 (author)noahw2008-01-16

Nice bumper sticker! I'll definitely need to do one of these Instructables now!

noahw (author)technick292008-01-17

There are still plenty of questions still unanswered, so have at it!

zachninme (author)noahw2008-01-02

Sticker printer!? What don't you guys have?

phyzome (author)2008-01-12

How do I suggest a Burning Question? (Of course, if I later answer my own Burning Question, I can't win the prize.) In any case, here it is: "Build an electron microscope". I've been wondering if one could build a transmission electron microscope (TEM) using a CRT with some servos mounted inside, to move a microscope slide around. You'd probably have to attach a vacuum pump to keep the filament from burning, and I bet the sample would have to be grounded.

noahw (author)phyzome2008-01-14

That sounds like the mother all Burning Questions! I'm not going to put it on the list, but, if you did submit that project we would definitely send you something cool.

phyzome (author)noahw2008-01-14

Hah, I wish! It's way beyond my skill, though.

jessyratfink (author)2008-01-06

Sedu hairstyles? Like straightening your hair, you mean? I'm a little confused by this one. I tried to google it but only got ads for flat irons. :P

noahw (author)jessyratfink2008-01-14

I'm confused by that one too. Sedu hairstyles apparently refers to the hair iron that straightens hair itself, but people seem to be searching for "sedu hairstyles" anyway. I don't think anyone really knows what it is exactly. I do know that Jennifer Aniston is somehow at the center of the entire operation and that roughly 1/4 of the entire internet is somehow related to sedu and sedu hairstyles.

jessyratfink (author)noahw2008-01-14

Hahaha, it's true. There were so many pages, and half of them mentioned Jennifer Aniston. I'm convinced it just has to do with straightening hair, but perhaps someone can clear up why Sedu flat irons are so popular? I bet Oprah mentioned them. YOU RUIN EVERYTHING, OPRAH!

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