Introduction: Ant Farm

Step 1: Find a Jar Any Size

Step 2: Fill the Jar With Dirt

Step 3: Put 1 Tea Spoon of Sugar in the Jar

Step 4: Wet a Cotton Ball the Put It in the Jar

Step 5: Find Some Ants Then Put Them in the Fridge for About 10 Minutes So They Go to Sleep

Step 6: Once They Are a Sleep Put Them in the Jar

Step 7: Quickly Grab Some Glade Wrap and Put It on Top Put a Ruber Band Around the Jar to Keep the Glad Wrap on

Step 8: Cur Som Glad Wrap Off the Bottom

Step 9: Now Your Done the Ants Will Wake Up


Loki1988 made it!(author)2014-09-28

Why you cant watch them where they live? Use a chair and 4 cups with water for its legs and you can sit as near and as long as you want. Dont be so mean. Set them free. This are animals!

Florios made it!(author)2014-09-28

Here is the problem. You need a queen or they won't burrow.

rat77 made it!(author)2014-09-27

U put a hole in the glad wrap

gardengeek made it!(author)2014-09-27

How do they breathe

d3ath101 made it!(author)2014-09-27

This is a great way to see the way another species lives! Great job and I will try.

13voltbattery made it!(author)2014-09-27

This Instructable is great for people who love the outdoors, enjoy the company of bugs, and who've always wanted to bring some into their home. These things describe me and will help me safely bring ants to where I can observe them.

MsSweetSatisfaction made it!(author)2014-09-27

I bet it's fun to see the tunnels they burrow around. Thanks for sharing!

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