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This bottle of liquid is something I made with bleach, alcohol, Tabasco, and food coloring. It really works! Just put some in a dropper and put about 5-10 drops on the ant. It will die very soon. If you want to use it on an anthill,  make  8oz of the stuff and pour it all around.


DCA (author)2013-12-04

Great Stuff! I made something similar out of gasoline, ketchup, and Mountain Dew. I put 5 drops on a horse and he stomped on an anthill.

brandon99x (author)DCA2013-12-09

Cool! Try the same thing with kerosene, Tabasco sauce, and a ton of vinegar! It works really well as fuel for a fire! E-Mail me at:

witherman (author)2016-04-08

I'm testing which ant killer works best. Water, this something else and carbon monoxide gas.

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