Introduction: Ant Repellent ''Natural'' Method *you Need Just 10 Second

Is there anywhere ants?

You hate this?

Did they eat everything?

Don't worry.

I have soooooo easy method for you.

as well as you need just 10 second

Step 1: You Need: Lemon Oil and Cotton or Ear Stick

You need: Lemon Oil and Cotton or Ear Stick

Pour a little lemon oil on cotton. Put the places where the ants come. They hate Lemon Oil. This is easy and really good method. Good Luck <3


acheide (author)2016-03-14

Nice idea. How often do you replenish the oil?

DIY-with-MOON (author)acheide2016-03-16

Thank you so much. You smell the cotton. If there is not strong lemon scent, use the oil again. Maybe per week or biweekly.

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