Step 6: RealD Brand Glasses

Picture of RealD Brand Glasses
The Real D brand of glasses are becoming much more popular these days so you might not be able to find the Master Image ones that I used. You can still follow the same procedure on Real D glasses, but it will be a bit more complicated as you will have to carefully snap apart a glued seam, and then re-glue it upon assembly.
Just made a pair of Real D brand into 2D. Now I'm just waiting for the Three Musketeers to come out so I can test them out. Thanks for a great 'ible!
bpark10003 years ago
Does not work because flipping over circular polarizer does not make a circular polarizer of the opposite hand. A circular polarizer is done indirectly; by first retarding the light (plastic film not dyed is stretched at 45 degrees). This causes light polarized at 45 degrees one diagonal to go a little faster through the lens than light polarized on the other diagonal. This converts circular polarized light into linear polarized light (horizontal or vertical, depending on the hand of the incident light). Behind the "retarder" is an "ordinary" linear polarizer (stretched plastic, dyed). So the light goes in circular, comes out linear. To figure out which side is the "circular side", do this test. Lay quarter (or other shiny metal object) on table, and put lens material on top, in contact. If the circular side is down, the quarter will look black. Otherwise, it will look silver.

So flipping over the lens essentially turns it into a linear polarizer, which passes 50% of circular polarized light of either hand, because the retarder is now on the wrong side.

I imagine there is more on this on Wiki, if you want more details.
account3r23 years ago
So... what you are doing is making one pair both left filters and one pair right filters?
tpapaleo3 years ago
I am blind in one eye. I have avoided 3D movies because there was no way to see them with my friends. Same with 3d TV. Looking forward to "seeing" how this works, and by the way, these type of glasses should be readily available -- probably woudl capture some lost business.
If you're blind in one eye, you should naturally see the movie the way these modified glasses make fully sighted people see it.

Normally the double image projected onto the screen is split, one for each eye by the glasses.
This modification filters one image out completely and allows the other image through to both eyes thus making it 2D.
If you're blind in one eye, the regular 3D glasses will filter out one of the two images, your good eye will receive one and the other will fall on your blind eye and be lost (if you're not totally blind in that eye, duck tape over that lens or an eye patch would have the same effect).

Personally I'm in the "3D is a huge con which detracts from films and needs to go away" camp. The thought that these glasses could get people who don't want 3D to buy the 3D TV sets because now they have a way of making it 2D when you can just buy a 2D TV for much less... is kinda crazy though. :o)
mtreadway3 years ago
Since the RealD brand has lenses with no concavity, will it work if I just flip over one lens? It seems that it would switch that eye from clockwise to counterclockwise, but I'm not sure whether I'm fully understanding.