video Anti-Aging Concealer Tricks
http://www.styleunited.com/TipsAndTrends/article/Anti-Aging-Concealer-Tricks In this video we show you how to turn a simple concealer into an anti-aging multi-tool, providing everything you need to cover up signs of aging. The concealer we've used here is Olay Regenerist Eye Regenerating Cream & Touch of Concealer


1. Hide dark circles: Concentrate on the inside of the eye and blend outwards toward the edges.

2. Highlight outer corner of the eyes: This gives the effect that the eye is lifting upwards.

3. Correct droopy brows: Instead of using an eye shadow apply some concealer right beneath the brow bone.

4. Lighten nose creases and corners of mouth: After you're done with your makeup use some concealer in your nose creases and the corners of your mouth.

5. Camouflage smile lines: Using a wet sponge dab the concealer in the folds.