Picture of Anti-Boredom pocket kit
This Instructable will show you how to put together a pocket size kit that will save you from the boredom of any potentially snoozing situation, for example Doctor office waiting rooms, Long concert lines, Bad dates, Most church services and the list goes on and on.

Step 1: Gather the goods!

Picture of Gather the goods!
What I put in my Anti-Boredom kit may be different then what you would put. Here's what I gathered for mine (my kids helped).

The tin is an Altoids tin that I painted Black.


-Tiny deck of cards
-Small vial of touchable bubbles
-Two tubes of plastic bubbles
-Tiny colored pencils
-Note pad
-String for cats cradle
-Quarter to vend treats (a dollar fits nicely too for bigger treats)
-Balloon (for playing don't touch the ground or keep away)

Other ideas: Tiny harmonica, Fortune telling fish, Small sand timer for timing word games or how long you can hold your breath, Small deck of fortune telling cards (I saw some on ebay), Stickers, Small stencils and markers (sharpie makes a nice little marker that fits perfectly)

I bought all the things in my fun kit at local craft stores and party supply stores. They weren't hard to find. The note pad I made from paper and a staple gun.
EM84 months ago

I made mine! It isn't actually in a container but oh well. It contains:

Pokemon Card Deck (1 of each type)

Pokemon Card Supporter Deck (Item, Trainer, and Stadium)

MP3 Player


Mini Cat Plush


Panda Stressball

Mini Gecko


Smiley Eraser


Foreign Coins (My mom gave them to me from her trip to England)

Basic Makeover Set (It's just purple nail polish and lip gloss.)

I even made a little booklet.

pikagirl88407 months ago
awesome when I make one of these I will NEVER EVER BE BORED XD YAY

because i need to ay attention!

Looks fun!! I won't need it for church though. Maybe for car rides.

Why not for church?

CSI worker1 year ago
NICE!!!!!! Great idea!
Halphinian1 year ago
where'd you get the tiny cards?
Grey_Wolfe2 years ago
I was thinking 5 or 6 micro dice (the little 5mm dice you can get at game stores), for games like Ziltch or Yatzee, would fit quite nicely.
i am going to make one too and i will add a little bit of things more.
B_randon3 years ago
Amazing idea!!!!
This is awesome! Great for traveling with.
popstar2253 years ago
This was sooo cool! Luv it!! I also made a mini bueaty kit with mini lipgloss, mini eye shadow hair bands a mirror and elastic hair bands
weibbed4 years ago
Add a couple of rubber bands to the tin, and you can put them around the open tin and "pluck" them for "music" . Try with different widths to see what different sounds they make.
You could add a mini wax tablet----buy a full size one at the dollar store and cut it down to make a bunch for a whole lot of tins. The dollar store also has those little maze toys where you move a BB around and I think they would be fun in a travel kit. They are usually found in the party aisle.

Or take advantage of the tins being metal and make small magnetic faces, the kind where you move iron filings around to create hair/beard/mustaches. I haven't tried to make one, but imagine that you could draw a face on the bottom of the tin and use a shallow piece of molded plastic packaging glued to the bottom of the tin with filings in it. The hard part would be finding the filings. Then use a magnet glued to a golf pencil to move the filings around. The golf pencil could double as a pencil! or as the stylus on the wax tablet. Maybe easier would be to draw the outline of a face and use magnetic business cards to make Mr. Potato Head -style face components.

Use magnetic business cards to make a tiny set of dominoes and play on the outside of the lid. Or make tiny magnetic poetry.

Paper dolls glued to magnets can be moved around the inside of the lid by using a magnet on the outside of the lid, so you can make them "dance" or "skate". You could also make a pop-up, fold-out dollhouse if you were insane enough to spend that kind of time designing one, which I probably am.

a480641 weibbed3 years ago
there are surprising ways to get iron filings.
tape a bar magnet to a pencil and move it around in some crushed ceral
file a non rusted iron bar.
buy some iron filings.(yes, some stores sell them.)
Threadbare you sound like a cool happenin' mom! weibbed- It's easy to see why you are part of the community. You are very creative. cool ideas
cgilbert83 years ago
I always have some sort of goodies in my purse to keep me from getting bored. And my smart phone is the best thing ever. I have so many games on there that I am good - until the battery goes out. Usually in my purse I have at least one Star Wars related item (action figure, coins, etc) and an assortment of puzzle books, crayons, maybe a balloon. It changes periodically
eneves3 years ago
What I did, is I used a handbag, and in it I put a toy car, a bunch of crayons and folded up paper, a chinese finger trap, mini cards, a bouncy ball, a small book, some string and beads, a homemade mini beauty kit (lip gloss, nail polish, chapstick, small jewlry, and small prefume bottle), some money, and a small snack. It works great for vacations!
I normally don't have any pockets.I can't think of a way to add straps. Any ideas for how to easily and conveniently carry it around? I don't have an Altoids tin-I live in Japan. I used a Choco-Aid tin.
id add a little stretch strap and wear it as a bracelet or arm band :3
sure! find a small thin piece of metal and fold it in half (like a small metal ruler or even a paperclip will do). then use crazy glue or epoxy to glue it to the bottom. then just clip it on. ta-da!
When my son was little and he wore clothes without pockets, I made a pouch out of felt (I think- or maybe an old, clean sock with a picture on it- cut off the foot and sew closed again)- then put on a piece of elastic to go around his waist - he could wear this "waist pocket" with any outfit.
bubbalubba4 years ago
Nice idea.
Won't need it though, in our Apostolic Pentecostal churches in the U.S. Unfortunately many Church Services ARE boring. I think that's why the Pilgrims left the UK.
threadbare (author)  bubbalubba4 years ago
Pentecostals know how to do it right! I'm Mormon and we're a quiet people when it comes time to worship. Our church hymns can drag on and on so I'm pack'n an Anti-Boredom kit for sure.
lol, Many other places I could use this for. I like your product. Where to get the tiny deck of cards?
some 99c stores have them, or in packs of cheap christmas crackers/
Thank you.
Phr33kRAWR6 years ago
I love this. To me, no Nintendo DS or mobile phone can beat string and bubbles. Good clean old fashioned fun!
what exactly does a ds do? is it a phone or a tablet pc or what?
a ds is a dual-screen gaming console. It's almost like a tablet, but you can't paint on there. They're at stores like Walmart and GameStop
Actually I think the DS does come with a paint function. One of those little add-on things? And just for further confirmation: a DS is basically a new-generation gameboy.
You can draw in pictochat >.< But that will EAT batteries
if you have a dsi xl you can draw on flipnote but it only has red black and blue but if you change the color of the paper to black it replaces the black color with white.
No it doesn't I have one, but it might on the dsi.
what about picto chat
Well, I guess you can say it sort of does on picto-chat but it's not exactly painting there's no colors and it's not called painting.
You're right, since I wrote that I remembered that it's the iPhone that's got paint, not the DS. Sorry hahahah
ok. sorry. my somewhat amish parents keep me away from anything fun.
that sucks
i remember (when i still used my ds) i found how to change colours. illtry to find out
well you can draw in pictochat on a like 1X3" canvas with 2 brush sizes and only one colour...
You need to add a purple pencil and another quarter(can't get anything for 0.25 anymore). other than that it looks good
rcsinc4 years ago
what about a flash drive?
threadbare (author)  rcsinc4 years ago
Great idea.
kaheidt4 years ago
My anti-boredom kit consists of the following:
One (1) Droid-X
One (1) Toothpick (because whatever the Droid can't do, this probably can)
Just add a match and your kit is complete!
mattbomb5 years ago
whats cats cradle. and how do you play it
threadbare (author)  mattbomb5 years ago
Cats cradle is a finger string game. It is difficult to just tell someone how to play. I did look up this website and it shows it pretty clearly. There are hundreds and hundreds of different string formations you can make. ... http://www.ifyoulovetoread.com/book/chten_cats1105.htm
Did you know Cat's cradle type string games are almost universal? From the Aleuts to Africa to Japan people have played with string for centuries. Japan has some awesome figures to make. If you look up cats cradle on you tube there are some pretty good videos of people making cool string figures.

I've read somewhere that Anthropologists used cats cradle to break the ice with their subjects in places like Torres Strait and Sub Saharan Africa.
threadbare (author)  kkarn4 years ago
I did know that actually. I study textiles and actually bought a book on the Anthropology of it. When I first saw the book I thought it was just going to tell the different formations you can make but it was about the actual historical Anthropology of it. It blew my mind. Something I had played when I was little had this whole cool history behind it.
oh is it like yo thread a string through your fingers and stuff, i think i know what it is i saw some friends playing it
tujoxi4 years ago
I also think it may be cool, to paint the tin with blackboard paint and throw some chalk in there. I'm a fan of drawing with chalk.
hogey744 years ago
Thats cool! You just need to fit in some sort of explosives or firecrackers and you're done :-)
ivanadrian4 years ago
very clever idea~ X)
Puzzledd4 years ago
Great idea - and very appealing! (Don't know about the mini-harmonica in church, tho) ;)
It's really good to see something for kids to play with that isn't electronic.
Little kids may like tiny cars/dolls in there.
If you know someone with a rivet gun you can buy a canvas strap and rivet it on.
imperio4 years ago
no credit card!
masnail4 years ago
My grandson loves little stickers but hates that you can only use them once. I put them on magnetic business cards and cut around them with scissors to make reusable magnets. You can also buy the magnetic sheets at craft stores. We store a set of tiny play "sticker magnets" in the Altoid tin and larger ones in Christmas cookie tins. Use caution carrying this in your purse or pocket or you may "wipe" a credit card. I once "wiped" my subway pass in D.C with a magnet tin in my pocket and almost couldn't get off the train. 8-)
I wonder if the Altoids makers have seen all the ingenious uses of their tins people in the Instructables community have come up with? Wait!! Do you think Altoids might sponsor a contest?
threadbare (author)  porcupinemamma6 years ago
If they did it would be great! But I kind of hope the prize isn't Altoids. I have gone through so many of those just to make the projects that I've made. I'm a little burnt out on those fantastic mints.

But where in the world do you get them????  We used to have a couple at our house, but I've already used/lost them!  And now I don't know where to get them:(

If you are in the United States and anywhere near a "Dollar General Store", they usually have Altoids. Normally they are cheaper there than in the regular store and they normally have the cinnamon flavor [my favorite] which is hard to find. Might be available online. But there are lots of other container you can use. Maybe not this small. I used to have a metal cake pan with a sliding lid that we took in the car for our son. It had stuff like this has plus magnetic letters and shapes which stuck to the pan and lid. Cookie tins are also a good sub.
well, i find them in the candy isle in my local store and at the check out at most stores i never buy them because my mom hates me getting them : /
I found them in the local dollar store in the check-out line.i live in Albuquerque,NM.
lol ;0)
they would have hundreds of entries on the first day lol
mbenner4 years ago
Didn't have time to read all of the comments so not sure if this was mentioned or not.... my kids and I use Altoids tins to make magnetic travel tic-tac-toe kits. You could easily add this to your list of things by using a sharpie to draw the board on the inside or outside of the tin. We used small magnets cut from those business card magnets that everyone seems to give out - stick perfectly to the tin!
timnitro4 years ago
i would make fold out mini game boards
Thanks for the advice!
I also found an Altoids tin.
teslafan1005 years ago
cool 5/5 :)
Tom Buckey6 years ago
cool i love it im going to make one but dont know where to find a little tin like yours.
its an altoids can you can buy em at gas stations or wally world( walmart)
threadbare (author)  sk8r4life6 years ago
Here's their online site....

Ok, wait.  I just went to that site and they said a pack of altoids is #21!  That's insane!
do they have anything in them
aka mints
threadbare (author)  Tom Buckey6 years ago
Where do you live? It's just an Altoids tin. You could also use a "fisherman's Friend" tin. If you can't find one where you live I will send you one. I have been stashing them away for awhile.
I live in Liverpool, England. I dont think they do them in England
**In the one i made i put a couple of mini pens in it then u dont have to worry about the lead breaking or sharpining ****chewing gum / putty / blue tack, can b usefull ******and a 6 sixed dice ********bouncy ball/mini ball ?
Just so you know, the bouncy ball doesn't fit in my kit, but the dice fits perfectly! It will do great for the board game that I'm putting on the lid of my kit!
Win Guy5 years ago
Here, you could also put the notepad on the bottom and paste a small board game on the lid. It would save a lot of space. (Or something like that.)
Win Guy Win Guy5 years ago


ribbons885 years ago
wow that is really really good thank for stopping me bored
EpicZombie5 years ago
if you want to fit a pencil in there then you'll have to use the golf scorecard pencils
 its soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cool!!!  but where do you get the altoids boxes
I found it just sitting in my house
 hello!!! :)  this is an awesome invention!!!!! people are sooooo creative these days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is a simple but great idea. My young kids would love something like this for long car journeys. It would make a change from I Spy, we do not and would not ever have things like DVD players in the car. Alain
threadbare (author)  Alainthechef6 years ago
We don't allow electronic (DVD player or ipods) on car rides, EVER! I'm glad to hear there are other parents that feel the same way. We take family road trips to be together as a family. My kids are a little older so we like to listen to books on tape and pod casts of This American Life and talk and be together and tell stories and point out what we see out the window. That's what's so great about road trips. Thanks for your post!
now i respect that too, but why no ipods? im 15, and i cant imagine life without mine. music is a part of our culture that is slowly diminishing due to all this modern hip-hop stuff, but i mean if you actually listen to music that uses real instruments, then there is so much you can learn from it. maybe its just because im a musician, and play 5 different instruments, but i wouldnt be playing any of those if it werent for ipods. so dont forget all the good that can come from music, and ipods
Ipods and music are not mutually inclusive, tac. Having an iPod doesn't save musical culture, and not having one doesn't destroy it. In fact, with all of Apple's DRM, I think the reverse would be more appropriate.

The reason these people excluded these sorts of electronics on road trips is because the want to have fun and bond with their children, not be pushed to the side while music is being pumped into their ears.

You can't blame the parents for wanting to be near their kids.

DJPDUB tac1355 years ago
I can understand the no ipods thing atleast when they are younger. some of the music out there today is not appropriate for younger children or young teens to be listening to. I must say that i am a little offended by your hip-hop comment. I am 19 years old, own part of a djing company and i do some rapping on the side when i have free time. While it may not involve "real" instruments, making ones own beats does take a certrain amount of musical talent, and coming up with lyrics that rhyme and have meaning does take a good amount of time and work. jsut because it is not your type of music does not meant that it is "crap" (i know you did not say that a person responding to you post did further down.)
threadbare (author)  DJPDUB5 years ago
DJPDUB, I'm glad you commented. You articulated my thoughts exactly and in a well thought out way.  We are a family that loves music, hip hop takes amazing talent in my opinion.  I love hip hop. But even if I didn't like hip hop it seems like it takes someone that doesn't understand music at all to call it crap, it's just so full of musical complexities, beats, timing, lyrics. It all has to come together and it does....well at least it does with good hip hop.
dla888 tac1355 years ago
I agree with you. The music that used real instruments, not electric crap, like Rush and the Beatles are classics and have lasted forever. (I wan't around when Rush and the like was popular.) The "old" music is almost like art, it took rehearsals, talent, and imagination. Nowadays you can be a hit musician without knowing how to play an instrument because the rappers use electrical synthesizers and all that other stuff.
F*** u.
I noticed that just about all of your comments contain the phrase F***. If I have offended you let me know and I will apologize. In the meantime, the same to you.
its not crap
It is refreshing to see a young person that listens to music other than hip-hop/rap/society is going to the devil type of music. Keep up your good work and I wish you the very best as you grow into an adult.
despite my above post, wtf is wrong with you? humans lived for almost 2mil yrs until the ipod was made justfine
threadbare (author)  tac1356 years ago
No our house is a house filled with music! We love it ,we eat and breath it and we like all kinds of different types. We each have an ipod which we hold so dear it feels more like worship but what I don't like is when we are on a road trip and everyone is plugged into their ipods for 14 hours and no one talks. So we take turns listening to music (or books or pod casts) together. Everyone gets to take a turn choosing what they want to listen to. We love getting ready for road trips and making mixes to share. We do get a little "alone" time with our own music but not much. It's fun.
books ontape, i spy and american life casts are some of the most boring things on earth.
threadbare (author)  klingonprins6 years ago
I will let the comment about books on tape and I spy slide but "this American life" is sort of my "other" religion. I LOVE it! :D
ok whatever. my mom once tried to get me and my bro to play ispy on a 10hr road trip. thats why i live with my somewhat stupid and constricting and abusive dad now
I held out until my daughter was 12 and then after much badgering, I gave in and allowed a game- boy on trips over 4 hrs-I still felt guilty, and my adult children still complain that it wasn't fair lol. They weren't too keen that I only allowed them to watch PBS and then for no more than half an hour. Nah nah nah nah boo boo-(they are adults now and love to read.)
Kozz threadbare6 years ago
I definitely respect that. However, I can also tell you that after a recent road trip from WI to NC that it was necessary to have a DVD player to entertain our 3-1/2 and 2yr old kids. 12+ hrs on the road can really put the screws to everyone's patience.
Amorina Kozz6 years ago
I remember two day long trips with my parents on a car with my older brother, and ten years later with my him and also my two younger siblings, and there were no DVD players then. My parents would just take a side road and find a park (or a restaurant if it was getting late, or a camping site if if was at night) whenever any of us kids got bored and annoying. Perhaps there are no enough side roads nowadays.
Kozz Amorina6 years ago
Actually, I think you're exactly right. In the state of Wisconsin (my home state), I've seen countless "waysides" (rest stops) on state highways that have been blocked off, then torn up and returned to a more natural state. I can only presume it's partly due to budgetary concerns. Suffice it to say there aren't as many as there used to be.
Holiday ro-ooo-oooad!
Geli125 years ago
I made my, too. If you interest, i made some pictures.
threadbare (author)  Geli125 years ago
Lets see your pictures. I love show and tell.
Here are the pictures!
threadbare (author)  Geli125 years ago
Help, I can't find them.
Putting pictures in comments is Pro feature now :(.
that f***en sucks.
threadbare (author)  awang85 years ago
Shoot, I really wanted to see them. Send them to me at my email Shelece@yahoo.com.

 I send it.
Hunter O.5 years ago
You could repeatedly flip the quarter up and down to make another use for the quarter
mason01905 years ago
try a small bottle filled 3/7 water, 3/7 vegetable oil.

shake it up, watch it bind, watch it separate, repeat :D
mason01905 years ago
Use a little bottle filled about 3/7 with water and 3/7 with vegetable oil, glued at the cap.

1) Shake bottle and watch water and oil bind.

2) Watch them separate.

3) Repeat.
superridley6 years ago
Were do you get the plastic bubbles? I haven't seen those in forever.
The dollar stores also have them.
threadbare (author)  superridley6 years ago
They're great aren't they! I know they have them at Walmart but I bought mine from a craft store (Hobby Lobby). I see them all the time in the party favor section of stores like Target and the like. I can't believe they still sell them, they smell just toxic but they are a blast!
HA HA! Now my boring stuff can't possibly be boring!!!! THANK YOU!!!
hmm looks like you have just about enough room in there for a whistler and a mini lighter enough for one person to have the time of their life with the contents of your kit
I am Silas.6 years ago
I'm gonna try that!
pie popper6 years ago
this is sooooo cool! check out my 'sewing kit'
threadbare (author)  pie popper6 years ago
Your sewing kit is fantastic! What a great idea!
grate idea!! my 'rents dont alow videeo games or tv, so i cud reely use sumthin like that.i put ruber bands paper clips for desk hokey paper fotbal magnet andsome other stuff. perfect for stude hall and endless eestar church!!
lern 2 spel an goe 2 skool. pae atenion in skool, an lern!!!11oneeleven!
hay, never sed i cud spell.....
threadbare (author)  redsoxdrummer6 years ago
Redsoxdrummer, don't worry about the spelling thing, a lot of poor spellers go on to lead very successful lives. Two of my favorite professors couldn't spell to save their lives.
i spel rong on perpose
itz fun
threadbare (author)  blubbersmith6 years ago
.......and I have a feeling you can't spell "right" even if you tried. You are probably a touch dyslexic.
akshully im all dislexik....
WHAT!?!?!? wait this is ironic...no tv or video games...but a computer with internet?!?!?
so? he means no cable or he not allowed to watch it prolly. idont even hve a tv. i am posting this from a public pc.
i ment in the car..... and i dont hav eny video games......the rents say its a wast of time........true....
stc5676 years ago
this will get me through boring old algebra II quite nicely
skidoo6 years ago
You know, when I first looked at this Instructable, I thought, "Yawn, whatever." But my 9-year-old-daughter saw it and immediately said something to the effect of "Grocery store! Now! Altoids!" :-) And yes, she has a DS, My Meebas, and plenty of other boredom-busting high-tech toys. In the space of an hour or so, she had carefully sanded, taped, and spray-painted at least 3 Altoid tins different colors (purple, yellow, blue, etc.), and filled them with all sorts of clever little time-passers. Thanks for the inspiration! :-)
threadbare (author)  skidoo6 years ago
Weeee!!!!! Thank you so much for the super nice post! Make me beam!
I noticed that when making this kit, it cures your boredom.
threadbare (author)  yummahcupekakez6 years ago
So Yummahcupekakez, basically it's a gift that keeps on giving! Can't beat that!
Having said this, I don't think i'd actually include bubbles and balloons for a car journey! Maybe someone (or even I) should do an instructable for making small child sized telescopes and other suitable things for car journeys, drawing and writing is always good. I made a perriscope recently, so that they could spy on our neighbours more easily ;-). They are only small and can't see over the fence or even out of the house windows without standing on chairs. Alain
west49rules6 years ago
thid could realy help on those long plane rides!!!
if they let it on... i just came to germany and they confiscated a pencil and 2 grenades from me! can you believe how tight the security is? kidin aboot the nades, but they did take the pencil
threadbare (author)  klingonprins6 years ago
They took your pencil? My girlfriend takes her knitting needles when she travels. You must look kind of shifty. The grenades probably didn't make you look any saintlier.
jk lol. i'm a 16 y old geek. i was allowed to keep my smart fone and laptop tho
well i could see why they would take your pencil but grenades! really, the securety is getting stiff.
When I visited St. Petersburg they took my missus away because she looked dangerous. That was three years ago........ I haven't bothered to protest to the authorities yet........ maybe soon............
lol. he who stole my masterard spends less than my gf
What is a missus?
I gather you aren't British ? It's my WIFE - It means Mrs. Mrs is pronounced "Missus".
Yeah i am not British and ok now I know
I was in New York last Saturday, and I went on a ferry. THEY TOOK MY LEATHERMAN MICRA! I was very sad. I bought it a week ago.
did you get it back?
I bet you made a security guard happy.
yeah guards h8 ppl. like cops and sk8rs. i no i cant spell my keyboard sux
Wow, that really stinks...
On a ferry? A Micra? Hypothetical Highjacker: DIVERT TO POUGHKEEPSIE OR I WILL TRIM YOUR FINGERNAILS UNEVENLY! I have to say that I love living in Canada: historical reenactors have been known to take their swords on the local ferry without incident.
lol. i wish icould stumbleupon thumb up just thiscoversation.
They took your pencil, but not the grenades? Well that's screwy how are you supposed to play extreme Pictionary then?
that's one of my favorite games too! i prefer to use a paintball minigun instead of grenades; more legal and less lethal.
True, I wish I had thought of that before I lost the last game... gimme a hand with this katchup?
is it agreed that dangerous and stupid games are fun?
For sure, momma always said the more fun it is the less safe it becomes!
story of my life. NEVER put epoxy putty in the parachute deployment end of a model rocket engine. all you end up with is a low-power RPG. if you put it in a tube. and light it.
Hmm can't say I ever did that, although my dads friend shot a rather large model rocket into the engine of his 3/4 ton pick-up... made a heck of a mess
almost on par with shooting out the bedroom window in your 10th story apartment (not that i did this (yet)). it's actually pretty fun to shoot makeshift RPG's at stuff. for example, i personally put a bunch of flammable string in the end of the engine before epoxying it for more of a fireball effect. then i shoot it at a concrete wall. haven't even managed to hit it yet.
there is an idea, I like the way you think.
thanks. i only have mild insanity so far. fortunately, if i can find some magnesium, i can make thermite RPGs that work right. only reason i need the magnesium is to ignite the thermite.
Yeah once it is, the thermite is self oxidizing so it will only go out if its all burned up. AP is a little more difficult to make,I think, but could be used as well... I shouldn't be talking about this kind of thing should I.
its ok... we're all pyros at heart... and most of us here know how to make dangerous explosives.
Is There An instructable to make dangerous explosives?
42nickd lennonz6 years ago
Plenty but if you cant find the kind you want here just google homemade arsenal
several, actually.
=SMART= 42nickd6 years ago
The reason they took your pencils is because in World War 2 there was a kind of knife that was concealed in a pencil Go figure
Salsa7666 years ago
that a very cool tin. did it come like that?
threadbare (author)  Salsa7666 years ago
I spray painted it matte black.
chunkylight6 years ago
i voted for you!<3
threadbare (author)  chunkylight6 years ago
Thanks so much chuncky! I didn't think it was going to matter that much to me but turns out I'm pretty excited about the contest. So thanks so much!
Mplinnc6 years ago
Jupitane6 years ago
Yeah Yeah Yeah!!!!!!!! Horay! WooHoo!!! THis is so aweSome!!! I love mine!
threadbare (author)  Jupitane6 years ago
What did you put in yours?
shadowfluid6 years ago
i really like that paint job! it keeps the embossed bare necessities that make it an altoids tin, without the *shudder* nutritional facts or other unnecessary word-stuffs. don't get me wrong, i have nothing against the little mint painting or the callard & bowser insignia, and i actually like the "curiously strong" slogan. but your slick, smooth, black look is just so much better.
threadbare (author)  shadowfluid6 years ago
Sheesh, thanks for the nice words! Makes me feel good.
these are sweet im gonna make it with black and white stripes
srilyk6 years ago
Excellent instructable. Though I do believe it's a "vial" of bubbles, although perhaps they are morally base or impure bubbles ;)
threadbare (author)  srilyk6 years ago
True, I'm glad you said something.
Nickelplate6 years ago
That looks like the contents of my purse!
u must have a small purse....
Well I just meant it's full of anti-boredom items. Actually I am looking for a purse big enough to haul my netbook around.
I was kidding.......what kind of net book do you have?
It's an Asus EEE 1000HE - I put ubuntu on it. It's fun, so far, but I'm still getting used to ubuntu!
EgyptLyn6 years ago
Not only is it a great idea for the kids but if they are old enough, a great rainy day project for them to make too! They always like things they make and this way they get to put in it what they like best( since they ARE all soo different!) Thanks for the great idea! My grandkids are coming for a week next month and this will be on our list of things to do! You've got my vote!
this is GREAT!, beats videogames and DVD's...
threadbare (author) 6 years ago
This voting thing is more stressful then I had anticipated it would be. I don't know if I can stand the wait. My first Instructable and my first contest....Sheesh!
threadbare (author) 6 years ago
OK I found the BEST thing to add to this tin of fun....read this instructable....


It perfect!
Thanks! Glad you like them.
That's a pretty great kit.

For people who have trouble finding Altoids tins--It doesn't pf cpourse have to be Altoids. There are other canys that come it tins, some rectangular, some round. Go to thecandy section of a store and see what they have

There are also small Band=aid tins, plastic travel soap dishes, etc. in a pich a sandwich size zip-lock baggie.
I happened to think of another substitute. Try a games shop, where they sell the various collectable card games (like Magic the Gathering, Pokeman, etc).. They have all kinds of boxes for storing the cards, including clear, hard plastic cases to hold a deck of cards. They are a good pocket size, about the same as an Altoids tin.
that was cute. =3
threadbare (author)  kira kappuke-ki6 years ago
Thank you so much!!1
TaylorTech6 years ago
Damn. No Altoids in Canada.
threadbare (author)  TaylorTech6 years ago
I have been saving Altoids tins for awhile if you want I can send you one. Do they have Fishermans Friend there? They are a kind of cough drop.
Thanks for the offer, although I couldn't trouble you with that. Haha, yes, luckily we do have cough drops though. ;)
threadbare (author)  TaylorTech6 years ago
OK but if you ever get dispirit for one let me know and I'll hook you up. I hate to see someone without a very handy pocket size tin.
smoorpheus6 years ago
At first glance I thought that was a tube of superglue conveniently placed with a quarter. I suppose this could always be an option.
haha!!! you should get about a dollar in nickels and superglue them all to the sidewalk! of course, you might get in trouble, but it wouldn't be any fun if there wasn't risk
threadbare (author)  tanmanknex6 years ago
You can't get in trouble for that can you?
HAHAHAaaaa! That's actually a pretty good idea, a quarter is worth a LOT more than 25¢ in entertainment when super-glued to something big (:
So simple, yet so AWESOME!!
threadbare (author) 6 years ago
Human Being6 years ago
how do i vote for u?????
Dear Human being,
Voting for the Pocket sized contest starts on the 20th July 2009, and end on the 26th July 2009. During this time, there will be a button on the top of all Instructables entered into the pocket sized contest, with vote written on it. Click on this button to cast your vote. For more information on the pocket sized contest, visit http://www.instructables.com/contest/pocket09/
Best Regards,
threadbare (author)  Tobz11226 years ago
That's good to know. I didn't know how it worked either.
Heywasup6 years ago
great idea by the way check out my instructable and vote ffor it when voting starts
threadbare (author)  Heywasup6 years ago
Um....Vote for me I'm in the contest too.
nolte9196 years ago
Perhaps pre-load the paper with a grid of dots for the dot-game or with sudoku's. PocketMod can help with that.
Sabata nolte9196 years ago
+1 on the PocketMod suggestion! Been using it for ages and always amazed at how handy it can be.
threadbare (author)  nolte9196 years ago
Thanks so much for the link!!!! That is such a fantastic web site! We had a blast. Each of us designed our own “notebook” with what we wanted. It was so easy! I made one with just story boards because my kids and I like to write stories with pictures. I made one for my pocket for just my mom stuff (I have always hated bulky planner). P.S. It’s too big for the Altoids tin but it’s still fun!
amakerguy6 years ago
Love the idea! I might make one for the boring time I have to wait before I get my Asus Eee netbook!
Here is a list of way better things that could be done to destroy boredom. 1. Nintendo Dsi 2. Nintendo DS 3. Gameboy Advanced (SP Preferred) 4. PSP 5. Cellphone (Just about everyone has one) 6. Any form of music player 7. Laptop Now dont say playing these things in some places may be considered inappropriate behavior, rude, annoying to others, or distracting to others as playing with any of the things on this instructable may be just as bad. My boredom eliminator is my laptop, and my Ds.
threadbare (author)  Ideal_Ideas916 years ago
I wasn't going to say those thing are inappropriate or rude, I love my DS! But I do like to make things and I can't MAKE any of those things. However I can make a pocket size fun kit.
seriously, I think that the whole point of this instructable is to make ways of keeping you from being bored WITHOUT frying your brain. also, try fitting say a laptop in an altoids tin. not very succesful, right?
IdahoDavid6 years ago
I love the idea of playing "don't let the balloon touch the ground" at church. This would be great for parents and we might let the kids play with it, too.
HahA! that would be awesome.
Owlbear6 years ago
a tiny deck of Tarot (fortune teller) cards and other mini-fun things like magnetic sculptures can be found at many book stores such as chapters(tm). I also included a set of micro-dice and a glasses repair kit just in case
threadbare (author)  Owlbear6 years ago
Good idea about the glasses repair kit. It's not exactly fun but we all remember Henry Bemis, no one wants to be him.
threadbare (author) 6 years ago
Another idea is a Small stencils and marker (sharpie makes a nice little marker that fits perfectly)<br/><br/><a rel="nofollow" href="http://www.instructables.com/id/Pocket-Stencil-With-a-Credit-Card/">http://www.instructables.com/id/Pocket-Stencil-With-a-Credit-Card/</a><br/>
oo not a bad idea