Step 6: Buy Me!

This sculpture of randomness is on eBay! Want your very own sculpture as made by a non art major, starving* college student and don't have the time, will or desire to get your hands crayoned? Bid now! Guaranteed Imperfect!

Bid Early - Bid Often
I like the look of this. I think I would love to try having them glued standing up then melting them. So as they look like they just randomly decided to kill themselves, and melt into one. I think that would be awesome, and it would create a swirly puddle of awesomeness. <br>Also, I would not use an oven, I would use a hair dryer or lighter or something. And a hot glue gun, it also would be more easily controlled.
why is a hammer glowing?
It's what plants crave!!!!<br>
Because it has electrolytes, what hammers crawl! (random "The Idiocracy" Quote...)
Electrolytes, the things plants crave.
Lmao. That movie was hilarious.<br />
Who won? (And has a pool, drives a chevy, collects coins, and likes Fantastic 4?)
me! I'm just kidding.. I've never entered an art contest.
Holy Crap! Somebody won! I totally wasn't expecting that... I'm somewhat embarrassed that I haven't checked on it :X
Do you know who it is?
Its... <em>beautiful!</em><br/><br/>Whats that light thing next to it that says &quot;instructables&quot;?<br/>And are those cardboard shelves? <br/>
<em>Whats that light thing next to it that says &quot;instructables&quot;?</em><br/>Coming soon.<br/><br/><em>And are those cardboard shelves? </em><br/>A prototype ;) Think cheap, recyclable and recycled shelving held together by friction and attached to the walls with staples. In short - Coming Soon.<br/>
i like the cardboard shelves. how much weight do you figure they would hold? oh and i couldnt stop laughing at your acronym... "FFSTMACSLISBBB" oh and your mystery prize has me intrigued... i would support you except in a hungy college student as well and have no money... you know you could have eaten the crayons, they are non toxic.
&nbsp;I was just going to ask about those cardboard shelves.<br /> <br /> Crayons=Tasty<br /> <br /> Just kidding...<br />
See step 5, first picture. Shhh...
thats really cool. i'm just scared of what my mum would do with it if i made it :D haha jk love it
Nice Hammer! Also, do you know how much you sold the crayons for?
How about glueing the crayons together <em>first</em>, and baking them upright on the cardboard(this is how I thought you'd done it initially.<br/><br/>L<br/>
The glue would melt, unless you have some glue that has uber heat resistance. =P<br/>
It's more of the waxy surface being difficult to bond to ;)
Well I <a rel="nofollow" href="https://www.instructables.com/id/EH0GI4AF5Y3KXYO/?ALLSTEPS">did it</a>, what's your opinion?<br/><br/>L<br/>
Sweet :) I guess I should stop using cheap harbor freight epoxy :p
You don't need a very hot oven (if you're patient). I got a picture-frame out of it too (waste wax melted onto cardboard cut to match) L
Yeah I suppose there is that too :P
You could use e.g. masking tape. And epoxy glue would easily withstand wax-melting temperatures. The paper may be a bit waxy, but it's fairly abosrbant and would take epoxy no problem. (yes I might try it) L
It falls apart, unfortunately.
OK, my wife will kill me, but what would the postage be to the UK? (And any hints about the mystery item yet?)
hahaha, i love your ebay auction description.
ok :-\

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