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A real tree in the house has long been a Christmas tradition.  The look, feel, and scent of a real tree far out ways the the downside of falling needles and sticky sap.

A few years back the puddle under the tree said it was time for a new stand.  The faithful plastic one (with a cool built-in adjustable tilt feature) had cracked.  A scramble to find a new stand a few days before Christmas proved fruitless...with the popularity of artificial trees; a live tree stand was no where to be found.

Improvisation once again found itself hot on the heels of necessity.  

With some spare parts from Santa's workshop... A floating Christmas tree is now part of our family tradition. 

Why would we ever go back to a conventional stand, with all the advantages the Anti-Gravity Tree Stand offers?
-  Its off the floor so its easier to clean-up the needles
- The tree spins, so you can decorate it standing in one spot.
- It won't tip over (a plus around small childen and pets)
- And best of all, It always points straight-up North!

In keeping with the spirit of the holidays and all...the instructions are roughly influenced (and I do mean roughly) by the poem "Twas the Night Before Christmas"

Please bare with...
And by the way; this Instructable is entered into the  Homemade Holidays Contest.  
Please come back when the Voting opens on December 28th.

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rkinsel8 months ago

Always after good ideas, way cool!

Thank you


chuckstake8 months ago
love it saved for later thank you
DIY Dave1 year ago
I'm not sure I would like the pipe blocking the hallway, but good idea and great writing style.

Merry Christmas
crapflinger5 years ago
a neat mod would be to hang the tree from some kind of motorized spinning contraption, so the tree would rotate on it's own....forever
You could hang it on your ceiling fan
hpstoutharrow (author)  crapflinger5 years ago
 Same thought here.  I've got the motor and the mechanics lined-up.  Unfortunately, not so keen on the electrical side of the house.  Need some help with swiveling electrical contacts to keep the 120v flowing to the lights without the cord getting all wound up.   Remember the motto - no special order parts..."If I can't find it in my local "Har-Whar-Star" I can't build with it."
using a reversable, gear reduced motor, one could turn it 180o  clockwise, and  then 180o counter clockwise.
or with the same method you could do a full 360 in one direction. hold for X minutes, then reverse a full 360 and hold
well...depending on how comfortable you are with house fires....you could just do a simple two track contact with some copper foil tape and a couple of machine screws...might also make a really nifty spark/light show (similar to old bumper cars)
uhm, no...probably not a good idea...lol.  especially since those trees are so damn flamable already.

i would consider maybe taking a look at a printed circut board with copper disk tracks on it and some altenator/motor brushes. maybe copper tubing sections and pvc pipe.
them8triark2 years ago
I love this idea! I would actually try this, but I have no upstairs area in which to hang the pole...lol...AWESOME!
missyd12305 years ago
Doesn't this leave a huge pipe to trip over in the hallway? Maybe attaching straight to a ceiling beam ?
LOL hence the...
til she ascended the stairs and found the pole in her path.
She let out a noise... not-so-much like a laugh.

I have to say I loved this instructable and I loved the poem !!!

The Mother of Invention would be so proud :)

Anyone attempting this will add their own ideas and personal touch to it of course, perhaps improve on it.....isnt that what its all about??
(and yes I am missing some apostrophes...dang mini comp from Dell who put the apostrophe key way down low so I can never hit it!)

*thumbs up to the inventor of the anti grav tree!
dark sponge5 years ago
Somebody should make one that levitates the tree using precise, strong electromagnets controlled by a computer!
That would be fantastically expensive!
DrPizza7775 years ago
 your poem is hilarious! XD!!!! i like how it rhymes, but maybe the rhythm/beat could have been improved.

good idea. it would look cool.

domo arigato mr. roboto himi lo shiri tai!!!!
hpstoutharrow (author)  DrPizza7775 years ago
Why, Thank You!...The poem was just a satirical whim meant to be nonsensical and goofy.  Certainly not to be taken as serious poetry  - forgive me Frost, Dickinson, and Longfellow. 
XOIIO5 years ago
3 Litre soda bottle?
hpstoutharrow (author)  XOIIO5 years ago
If you are questioning the spelling of litre or liter...it works both ways as I understand...depending on who you ask.
If you are questioning soda versus pop...again it depends who you ask.
If the question is 3 versus 2  the answer is definatly 3.  Yes, they are out there.  A little harder to find and usually the off-brands.  Larger size plastic juice bottles also work well.  Depending on the trunk size, I have forced on a juice bottle and the handle indentations in the side of the bottle held the so tight I didn't need the screws.
If the question is, Question mark "?" versus Exclamation mark "!"...                   I leave that up to you :)
I usually find 3 L soda bottles at Dollar Tree stores. Faygo soda comes in 3 L bottles and can be found at my local (NW Chicago 'burbs) Dollar Tree. Your results may vary. :)

Oh, and I'm a Canuck ex-pat. I recently went back up home for Christmas and, though I still spell it 'litre' as most good Canuckians do, I still got teased for sounding 'merican because I've taken to saying 'soda' instead of 'pop'.
Just goes to show that you can't please everyone.

Oh, and great job on the tree, by the way!
Now vacuums need never be thwarted again in their quest to pick up all the dang pine needles! :)
Hahahahahahahahahahaha, youre a smart dude
hpstoutharrow (author)  crunchscar5 years ago
tex 22.jpg
"If the question is, Question mark "?" versus Exclamation mark "!"...                   I leave that up to you :)"

Why must it be either / or when the excellent and seldom used Interrobang will do the job of both. 
I don't care how you spell liter. I'm not even sure how I want to spell it. I've just never heard of a 3 liter bottle of pop, sounds fun.
Xial XOIIO5 years ago
Depending on where you are, 3 liter sodas are harder to come by.
In my area (Central Florida, USA), I usually have to hit up bargain stores, like Dollar General, Family Dollar, or the Dollar Tree to find a 3 liter soda.

You may be able to substitute with a 3 liter water bottle (Zephyrhills bottles have a newer, rounder, 'eco-friendly' design that robs you of 0.78l of water in the process) if you can't find the soda bottle. It has the bonus of being a clear bottle, so you can either decorate or disguise it. :)
luckyy785 years ago
i would of mount it straight to the celling beam 

but oh well to each their own
IX Smith XI5 years ago
its not really anti gravity but its a cool design.

hpstoutharrow (author)  phynicfirebird5 years ago
 There's no such thing as Anti-Gravity?!  Egads! Why didn't anyone tell me this earlier?  
Gotta go and catch the tree before it hits the ground!

Made ya look though, didn't it?

Thanks for the compliment.
Like your LED book light Instructable.  Clever use of the drill to twist the wires. Keep up the good work.
Mirime5 years ago
Are you by any chance an Engineer? Or are just one of those people that like  stuff like that?
hpstoutharrow (author)  Mirime5 years ago
Ponder this: Is it that - Its either a fish "Or" it lives in the water?  It can be the other without being the one, but,  it can't be the one without being the other.

To answer your question...A REAL Engineer would have: sketched a free body diagram showing the beam and the forces applied to it (the weight of the tree) and the constraint of the fulcrum (pivot point) and the equal and opposite force at the anchor point.  
Bending moments (also known as torque) would have be calculated as force applied at a length from the bending point (force x distance).
Being a stationary object the sum of all the forces and moments would equal zero.  
Then, the cross sectional bending moment of inertial would have been calculated for a hollow cylinder using the inner and outer diameter of the pipe and Young's modulus of elasticity for plain carbon malleable steel.  
With this information the strain on the beam would have been calculated to ensure that the stress was well below the yeild strength of steel with a comfortable safety factor.  
A well provisioned engineer might have also run an a compurtized F.E.A. (Finite Element Analysis) to analyze in detail the stress on the beam.
Only then would an engineer truly know the beam would not bend under the weight of the tree.  

I, on the other hand,  just took a chunk of pipe and hung a tree on it!

The Theoretical and the Applied Practical each has its place... you be the judge.

LMFAO....Yup! He's a Backyard Geek like the Rest of Us!
mnbouchet5 years ago
 GREAT POEM! It must be great to have people walk in and wonder "how the H**L did that tree get off the floor?"
really cool.
you should try putting a fake present over the soda bottle, to make it look a bit more decorative.
or spray pain tthe soda bottle gold.

 Excelent Idea about a fake present!  That would look the tree was a giant bow on the box.  Nice.
My wife usually puts on a Christmas "mini' skirt...What?...No!...ON THE TREEEE! -  to cover the bottle.  A clear bottle helps to check the water level.
What you could do is put a short section of plastic tube into the bottle, one thats large enough to fit one of those old style cork fishing bobbers with the tall point on it so that it floats inside the tube or you could custom make one with a taller point.  Make it so that the point will be visible when the water level is within say 2 inches of the top of the bottle so that the top of the point is showing at the lip of the tube.  Put your fake present box in place with the tube sticking out ( wrap it like a candy cane ) and all you have to do is top off with water ( use sprite soda with a single aspirin each day as it helps keep the tree alive longer and the needles on longer ) each day and that will fix your when to water issue.
This is amazing, for lack of a better word. Unfortunately, I don't have a two story house, but I'll keep this in mind if I ever do!
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