Step 3: Copper

Cut a long thin strip of copper foil that is the width of one of the prongs of the plug in outlet.

Fold the end into a small tab that fits snugly between the prong and the case.

Solder it the prong that makes contact with the outer metal case of the light bulb.
<p>I love this project the title really intrested me, Good Job</p>
<p>You like to complicate your life. You can take a standard detector, normally to turn the light on, and use its NC contact. This way, with a simple inverter you can switch between std days, lights are on when someone enter the field, and Halloween when lamps turn off when someone enter the field. Cheap and easy.</p>
Haha the commits are funny! What better way to trick the little kids looking for a free treat haha! Keep up the good work!
<p>Although I admired your tenacity, I'm a bit &quot;scared&quot; of your project. You could have saved yourself a bunch of difficult work by getting a socket that has screw terminals built in already, most free standing lamps have one. Second the wire you used to run to 4 sockets is a fire waiting to happen. This thing would not meet any code or electrical approval, in use, if it did start something your insurance would be void! Lastly, you could load more steps per &quot;page&quot;. And after all that ...why not just leave the light off to start with?</p>
I guess this is one option... Wouldn't it be easier to spend the money going out to dinner and a movie? Oh, I forgot... you're no fun!;-)
How is this a waste of money?!?
um... you could just turn the lights off and or post discouraging statements on your door, that would be cheaper and less complicated than two xbees and an arduino.
whats the fun in that ?! <br>
form always follows function. i.e. look up the Halloween history plz.
Hate halloween myself - its never been a &quot;thing&quot; here in New Zealand until the last couple years when retail merchants start to push all the commercial side of stuff.<br><br>Simply put.... Halloween is Extortion.<br><br>Standover tactics from a school aged bully.<br><br>To me, &quot;trick or treat&quot; boils down to &quot;give me lollies or I'll do something nasty to you and yours.&quot; That's bullying.<br><br>Is that what you want to teach kids?<br><br>
&quot;Trick or treat&quot; sounds more like they are asking for either a trick or a treat. This house succeeds in tricking them, so I say it is well within the spirit of halloween.<br> <br> At our house, we give both. It's not a real halloween until children leave your doorstep crying. Even more satisfying are the teenagers who are too scared to even come to the door.<br>
please tell me what you do to them!!
This is exactly how America started the &quot;Trick or Treat&quot; tradition. Kids used to vandalize and cause havoc on Halloween, but some people found they could bribe the kids with treats and their houses were spared the damage. It wasn't long before the marketing companies started picking up on it and pushing it around.
&quot;give me lollies...&quot; -If I had a time machine, thats what I would change the phrase to!
To me, &quot;trick or treat&quot; is a figure of speech...
instead of having witches rip you off and ghosts trying to haunt me, i give them a fright before they do. once a group of people went all the way around to my backyard and scared me from behind, wasn't prepared for that. <br> <br>don't you think that you could make some money out of Halloween? i made a lot of money once, i sold zappers to some friends, i charged them for building some cool anti-Halloween thingies, and my friend, who was more of a fan of Halloween, set up a course(he had lots of land) for little critters and he ripped them off, probably because he attracted visitors with prizes. he also made about $50.
i have a friend who likes to squirt people who don't hand over on Halloween. he owns a powerful water pistol. <br> <br>for some reason, he made me make a rig to disperse large quantities of leaves off a tree which goes over his driveway. it was triggered when someone stepped on some planks of wood. once it rained all day and it was really bad, and once i accidentally stepped on the wrong step and my friend was in the way and he got so itchy that we stopped doing those pranks from then on, it was a bit cruel.
ha ha ha ha that is really funny <br> <br>I'm not so good at all that technology, i can only understand what happens but not the detail, maybe a bit of the codes, is it similar to C++? <br> <br>i have an idea. i think you could just put some switches in a floor mat and opens a circuit when the mat is stepped on and switches the lights off. <br> <br>at Halloween, i got some thin black thread and connected it to the front door. i held the other end behind the garage and when someone came (without an adult) i would pull the string and the kids will get a fright, while my mum waits for people to arrive. next time maybe i could make it automatic, but it is not a good idea to go poking around without paying much attention, because a very daring person might see it as an opportunity to rob my house without even needing to open the door!
Randy, you are so funny.;)
I'm going to be that old man that gives out rocks ;D
It's funny but next year for even more fun, get up on your roof with the hose.
His shoulders dropping when the lights go out; that was the greatest.
BOOO! Halloween is a great holiday. Makes for perfect excuse to buy lots of candy to gobble without guilt... afterall...its for the kids... and is a great excuse for that whip and cuffs you might have in the garage...they are ummm Halloween props.
Too bad they don't celebrate halloween in my country. I wish I could be mean to the kids but here this proyect is purpuseless. LOL.
Way too much effort! I just go out to dinner and a movie, and get back home after all the munchkins are gone for the night.
Dude. Why the effort? I just put a empty Halloween-themed bowl out on the porch with a sign that says &quot;Happy Halloween!&quot;. No one ever rings.
Because some peple enjoy making things.
The effort is what makes it funny.
I want to come up with a nice, simple way to say &quot;We wish we could leave you candy, but we're the ones doing the amazing fireworks show you're going to see at 8 pm, so we're not home right now.&quot; Unfortunately, one of my roommates WILL be home on Halloween, but he's deaf and probably won't wanna answer the door. We wish we could be home, but as pyrotechnicians, you never get a Halloween off. :)
How about a big sign on your lawn, or a pre-recorded message that plays using a proximity sensor...
And the house that will get egged on Halloween, then vandalized by angsty teenagers and short-changed by paperboys and delivery guys for years to come belongs to...
oh you're twisted. I love this. Maybe add a non-lethal shocker to the doorbell for really hard to deter children. Or you could have done the worst thing.....<br> passed out handfuls of horrible candy. &nbsp;
Hand out vegetables, lol.
VEGGIES?!? Oh, the horror! I'm still laughing.
Those peanut butter taffy things were my favorite!
I always thought adding a motion sensor to a sprinkler system would be nice for such situations...
Well, the social contract AND social convention of this holiday is &quot;TRICK or treat&quot;, right? <br><br>Don't be surprised if irritated kids wreak their vengeance on you.
You could always make your house look like it was made of ginger bread and candy and then stuff the fattened kids in your oven...<br><br>This is such a cool project!
Just a piece of paper that says: OUT OF CANDY...
One year, I put a box on the front step with a sign reading: &quot;Kiddies! Put your candy in the box and go away quietly, and no one will be hurt.&quot;<br><br>No one stopped at my house that year.
It was probably the scariest house on the block.
Very cute. Just hope no one comes up with an automatic egg launcher.
&gt;:) You just had to say it. Kidding
the flamethrower pumpkin is a bit overkill, literally.
Oops, I thought this was going to be a waste disposal or gardening instructable. On the email it says, &quot;How to get rid of trick or treaters.&quot; My bad.
LMAO! How quickly after they leave does it come back on? I can just picture them walking up to the porch as it turns off, then as they leave it comes back on, so they're like, &quot;Oh, let's try again.&quot; repeat...
No you want it that do so you can watch them lol
Hahah! Great idea!
actually I love reading the different ways to keep them away, very funny
on Step 37Front light dont you mean NOW instead on &quot;not&quot; <br>It is not set up to transmit and tell all of the other lights to turn off. You should turn the front light back on.<br>you should have said <br>It is now set up to transmit and tell all of the other lights to turn off. You should turn the front light back on.<br><br>or you need another step to set it up lol

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