Anti-Skid Chair Feet From Recycled Inner Tube





Introduction: Anti-Skid Chair Feet From Recycled Inner Tube

Spring Cleaning Challenge

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Spring Cleaning Challenge

We have beautiful hardwood floors in our house and I want to be sure they stay scratch free for years to come. I knew there was a reason why I saved my old Inner Tubes, I'm not crazy after all. I'm going to make protective feet for our furniture to prevent future scuffs.

Tools Needed:

  • Scissors
  • Pen
  • Glue

Items Needed:

  • Bicycle Inner Tube
  • Chair

Time Needed:

  • About a half hour

Skill Needed:

  • Beginner - this a pretty easy fix.

Step 1: Cutting and Gluing the Inner Tube

  1. Find the offending piece(s) of furniture you wish to protect. I am using a stool as my example.
  2. Cut a section of Inner Tube that will cover all 4 feet.
  3. Place the stool over the Inner Tube on the ground.
  4. Using a pen, trace around the stool leg. Be efficient, we have a ton more uses for the remaining Inner Tube.
  5. Cut your pattern, just inside of your pen mark, using your scissors.
  6. Flip your stool over and place your pieces on the feet making sure each one fits to your specifications.
  7. Trim as needed.
  8. Glue each piece of Inner Tube to each stool foot. I used E-6000 glue in this step.
  9. Flip the stool over onto a solid surface. You may want to set it on paper towel pieces just in case there is the possibility of glue seeping out. The idea here is to protect your flooring. Haha.
  10. Place a heavy object on the stool top to help the glue adhere to the legs.
  11. Let sit for at least an hour for the glue to set.

There you go, easy Non-Skid, No-Scratch feet for your furniture. It's that easy.

After completing this project, I thought, how cool would it be to use an actual bicycle tire for this project? I'll leave that project for another day. Check back, I may do that in the future.



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    Get to your area bike shop ask for punctured inner tubes or tires, these shops will be recycling them, &may give them to you free. Lots of uses

    good information

    I like this for the Spring Cleaning Challenge... Avoid those scuffs on hardwood. You should enter!

    Hi tinaciousz, I entered as you prompted and am now a finalist in the Spring Cleaning contest. Thank you for urging me.

    Thank you. I just added it based on your recommendation.

    I won a prize pack. Thank you for urging me to enter.

    Hi there, just wondering if this would leave black scuff marks on the floors if used on chairs or barstools. We use felt pads right now, but have to redo about every 2 years with wear and tear.

    Hi Anna, So far I have not noticed any scuff marks with the inner tube feet.