I am making this as a quick and simple entry for the Pocket Contest. I chose quick and simple because I think that embodies the purpose of this contest. Rather than creating a new device to shove into already jammed pockets I decided to go the route of solving an existing problem. 
Tangled earphone wires. 
Everybody has had it happen. Everybody hates it. 

I've tested this method out on a few different types of earphone cords. The easiest to "link" are classic earbuds without volume adjustment pieces, whereas the hardest cords to work with are the "ribbon" style earbuds.

Because so many people have volume adjusting earbuds these days I thought it would be best to use these and tackle a few difficulties that may occur.
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Step 3: The Loop

Picture of The Loop
So make a loop like this

Step 5: Continue "Bighting"

Continue to pull new loops through the previously made loop. This is slightly difficult to explain well, use the photos as a reference. Essentially you should make a nice little chain of loops. 

If you are having difficulty with this or the cord gets tangled, try undoing all your work and let your cord unwind.

Cords with twists in them make looping difficult. 
DustBunny8 months ago

My kids call this finger knitting or finger crochet. Never thought to do it with cords before. Good idea.

You can just unravel the length you need and run the ear buds through the top loop to keep it from unraveling further.

As long as the loops are pretty loose, you don't really have to worry about strain on the wires.

CaseBoy1 year ago
the knot is called a daisy chain
Nice! I did this with the cords to my portable sound equipment in my car. Great job!
badjuju1 year ago
Good job Samw... It took me a while but finally got it. I am sure this Knot or "Running Sennet" as Dream Dragon calls it, will come in handy somewhere down the line!
Maka Nui1 year ago
Thanks. I learned something very helpful and easy.
It's called a "Running Sennet" useful for storing most varieties of "line". Care should be taken however with electronic "wires" because the knots can induce twisting and other damage. This might cause the conductors inside to break. But then it's probably still better than the tangle.

Samw (author) 2 years ago
I apologize for poor photo quality. I will work to improve that.