video Anti-Yo World Wide Video YoYo Contest by kamiyo
It is the second bounce of animation for the contest.
I often use Core at the end of the free-style.
Please see the explanation in animation about the way of the technique.
You also try because it is easy.
Then, let's meet again with the following video.
Nice. That's a cool yoyo you have. My friend does yoyoing too, I should get him to sign up for this contest. He's really good, and he has a lot of cool/ expensive yoyos. Nice job!
kamiyo (author)  GorillazMiko7 years ago
This is a favorite yoyo, so I'm happy because I can praise. A part of a teller was just applied pink by itself, but that it's unexpected, it became seen beautifully. I'd like to see a yoyo, your friend once, too. Thank you very much!
kamiyo (author)  kamiyo7 years ago
I'm sorry the reply and the delay. This was painted for myself.
J_SCAP kamiyo7 years ago
tis a skyline isint it ?
Boxthor7 years ago
That was hella awesome. I'm gonna learn that.
kamiyo (author)  Boxthor7 years ago
Thank you. Congratulations on it and the victory. I'm sorry the reply and the delay.
Dang... that was such a cool trick. Super awesome.
kamiyo (author)  Adam Brewster7 years ago
Thank you very much! This work is also a favorite. Please see!