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Introduction: Anti-Yo World Wide Video YoYo Contest by Kamiyo

It is the second bounce of animation for the contest.
I often use Core at the end of the free-style.
Please see the explanation in animation about the way of the technique.
You also try because it is easy.
Then, let's meet again with the following video.



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    Nice. That's a cool yoyo you have. My friend does yoyoing too, I should get him to sign up for this contest. He's really good, and he has a lot of cool/ expensive yoyos. Nice job!

    This is a favorite yoyo, so I'm happy because I can praise. A part of a teller was just applied pink by itself, but that it's unexpected, it became seen beautifully. I'd like to see a yoyo, your friend once, too. Thank you very much!

    I'm sorry the reply and the delay. This was painted for myself.

    tis a skyline isint it ?

    That was hella awesome. I'm gonna learn that.

    Thank you. Congratulations on it and the victory. I'm sorry the reply and the delay.

    Dang... that was such a cool trick. Super awesome.

    Thank you very much! This work is also a favorite. Please see!