Anti-Yo World Wide Video YoYo Contest From Japan Bykamiyo1




Introduction: Anti-Yo World Wide Video YoYo Contest From Japan Bykamiyo1

About: The yoyo is done in Hachioji in Japan. Please continue your favors toward you. Please call kamiyoSAN

Hello, I'm Kamiyo- from Hachioji, Japan.
The trick in the video is my original one, named "Seasick in Hachioji".
It may look easy, but remarkably difficult.
Anyway, please watch it!

Start with a split bottom mount.

Land a yoyo onto the nearest string
(like first part of chain reaction),
and flip it once.

Now your right hand is over your left, then move your hands like crossing each other.

If you get the timing, yoyo will move horizontally.

Good luck!

(The last part of the video is joke.
I went through a ticket wicket, putting a yoyo instead of a ticket.)



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    Another awesome video for the yoyo contest just popped up. ;-) Every single one.. just awesome. I love them all. Great job!

    3 replies

    dude... this is way sweet. That's one of the best seasick's I've EVER seen. So rad.

    #3 Thank you for watching my video. I think this trick is the best in my tricks.

    #2 Thank you very much! This seasick is worth a try. Please try it!

    I dig the trick. I also like the ticket wicket scene in the end. I used to live in Tokyo for a bit and had to take 4 different trains to get to school.

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    #1 Thank you very much. I was really happy that you watched my video! Tokyo has many many trains. So transfer is too difficult.