Introduction: Anti-Yo Worldwide Video Yoyo Contest - BATMAN MEANS BUSINESS

1. Throw a sleeper.

2. Now, with your left hand push your index finger into the string about 2 inches above the yo-yo. The yo-yo will then swing over your index finger and land on the string.

2. With your index finger on your right hand push in the middle between your left hand and the yo-yo. Continue with a fluid motion and flip the yo-yo over your left hand.

3. Release any loops of string around your right index finger. Now you should be in your original bottom mount. Flip the yo-yo out of the mount as shown and then command the yo-yo back to your hand.

4. Shake your hips side to side.


eulaliaaaa! (author)2010-08-12

BATMAN! Means business. BATMAN! Means business.

numo16 (author)2008-03-04

OK...I think it is awesome that you have a batman costume...

benjaminshark (author)numo162008-03-04


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