Anti-Yo Worldwide Video Yoyo Contest B.T ~Brain Twister~





Introduction: Anti-Yo Worldwide Video Yoyo Contest B.T ~Brain Twister~

I'm Ryosuke Kawamura. My entry is from Japan.
I'm a current leader of "Hachioji yoyomeeting".
This time, I submitted my favorite trick, braintwister,
to this contest.

-First, throw a yoyo as strong as possible and mount it on a string, just as normal brain twister.
-Along this, wrap the string around your right index finger.
This step is very important.
-Then, let the yoyo hit the string some times.
Please try not to weaken yoyo's spin.
A point of this step is to minimize the movement, using your left index and second finger.

If you get accustomed, you can do it faster. Good luck!



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    All thank you. It will hold out in the future.

    Really awesome. I wish I had the skills to yoyo like you and other people, they're all so cool. Nice job!