this is a pretty easy trick for all levels of yo-yoers!
I call it the Ring of 5A!

Basically you will make a hoop with your counterweight yo-yo that you can spin round, pass from hand to hand, and finally break it apart and return the yo-yo to your hand.

Step 1: The Basic GreenTriangle Mount

send the yo-yo back over your throwhand wrist, and onto the bottom string.
Then let the string fall off your wrist into the green triangle as seen below:

I done the GT mont. but it snaged. <br/>how do i do it w/ out snaging?<br/><br/> =/<br/>
Hi NinjaCat, you will need a very unresponsive yo-yo for this trick. The one I use in the video will not come back to your hand with just a tug (you need to bind it - See the very end of the vid), so it doesn't snag at all. What kind of yo-yo are you using?
Free hand by Duncan
hi again. It might help to remove one of the friction sticker inside the yo-yo. It will make it harder to get it back to your hand though...
Well, I'm kind of good at the mount but my yoyo stop spinning, how come?
well i thing you will need a bigger cap for this tricks a cheap nice unresponsive yoyo is the plastic grindmachine if you are kinda into yoyoing i suggest getting that

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