Introduction: Anti-Yo Contest Entry: PinTwister

Sorry about the sloppy performance:( late night and school next day. (Im Only 14!!)

A combo trick of a Pinwheel (variant) and an Advanced Braintwister.

1. Throw a Split Bottom Mount
2. Pull The YoYo Back over your throwhand index finger
3. Let go with your non-throwhand index finger and spin it round forwards.
4. Put your non-throwhand index finger behind the string closest to you.
5. Pull on the string over your throwhand and under the yoyo
6. Let go with your throwhand index finger
7. Pull the string around the yoyo
8. Perform a Braintwister and Bind.
Well Done You've Done It!


GorillazMiko (author)2008-02-18

That's a really cool job. Also, you were supposed to print out the paper thing. Awesome job anyways.

Toebex (author)2008-02-17

its ment to be thirty seconds, but its an awsome trick! :)

Audiosyncratic (author)Toebex2008-02-18

30 seconds or less!!!

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