The Motorcycle 2 Yoyo Trick (Anti-Yo Contest)



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Introduction: The Motorcycle 2 Yoyo Trick (Anti-Yo Contest)

-FIRST OFF make sure that your yo-yo isn't responsive. this means you can throw it wont come back to you until you nag in the string a bit.

- Make sure your sting is on your middle finger. This ensures that the yo-yo will come back to the center of your hand, which makes it easier to catch.

- Make sure you throw a SUPER HARD sleeper so you can actualy do the trick.

-practice wraping the string around the sting just above the
yo-yo. when i first learned it it took me a while to finaly get that part right

-PLAY AROUND! Isn't that what yo-yo-ing is all about, enjoying the entire time?

-act funny! the person that helped me with this trick made me crack up, but i myself am not such an actor, but im sure everyone else reading this is!



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     By the way, that trick is really the bottom half of the bikini trick. The top half is when you throw the yo-yo over the top string to make 2 triangles, looking kinda like this like this   >.<   with the yo-yo down at the bottom.

    I don't yoyo, but I plan on doing it, it looks fun (but very hard.).

    Nice job, would like to see more from you as well!

    (I want to see more great stuff from everybody. There's just so much cool stuff to be seen!)

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    its not very hard after you learn the basics, oh yea and you need a good yo yo

    We want more cool stuff from you !! :P i have a few new ibles you could check out

    I am REALLYREALLY sorry, but this isn't going to win.

    p.s. sorry :(

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    Second place, COOL!!!!!!!!

    Please tell me how you think! (everyone)