This is my "Anti-gravity Chamber ".
It has 64 electromagnets all focused at its center. All my friends think its the Ironman heart (Arc Reactor) which has some similarities. The Ironman heart did have an electromagnet inside but was mainly a power source.
I'm building a new one that will have much much more power (around 200-400 electromagnets). Coming soon...
cypherxax (author) 3 years ago
very sorry i havent replied at all... when my daughter was born i kinda forgot to keep up with this awesome site :/
to keep the noise down on this invention, this model was merly my prototype, as i was building it my wires were ripped off in a near fall... but i didnt keep that from stopping me. im working on a newer one, one that actually runs. it will have multitudes as many electromagnets and i may end up do the windings myself.
The experiment is not to create "anti-gravity" but to create a super unique force field that will over power gravity itself and w/ control unit, change the field shape, intensity and properties at will.
cypherxax (author) 4 years ago
Thank you all for the comments, Ill be adding more info soon, ive just been real busy designing and building my latest project: An AUV thats like none other, makes this old project look like crap; anywho, much more to come :)
Honus4 years ago
That's really neat- awesome construction.
zack2474 years ago
ironsmiter4 years ago

dot matrix actuator + floppy drive motor windings + harddrive motor windings(for galactic resonance) = Free Energy!
wilgubeast4 years ago
This is a great entry into our Photo Instructable contest. Definitely some good photos here. I'm sure that it will help reasonably small folk levitate to their little hearts' content.
jam BD4 years ago
Looks pretty, but without being skeptical, how does it work? nice if there was more info and video. :)

do u think u can make all three journals from gravity falls with every page written in the same way with the same words amd pictures from the book in the show search it up online and look for the pages

oluwatosin2 months ago
Plz wat I don't get is if d device only work on metals or magnets cause its using electromagnetic principles 2 work.
Mda33 months ago

bring it soon .........................

HarshK18 months ago

hey can you tell me how did you focused the magnet at one point.

nice experiment , keep it up

IanS41 year ago

This Instructable is a little short on instructions. There are some nice pictures, but no instructions and only vague words about what it actually does. If the OP ever does come back to this site (maybe when his daughter leaves home) some updates would be good!

kdey31 year ago

Just Awesome............

Small Hadron Collider
how you make that?
mjong3 years ago
I dont wanna undo my last command but does it work???
mjong3 years ago
Cant wait to see more, this already looks awesome
tammasus3 years ago
So this is only ornamental right?
dud3 years ago
that looks really cool!
i have two questions:
1) how did you make that?
2) how does it work?
its not anty gravity you r just making a electromagnetik fealt to lift somthing
can i put this in my book?
a.hwid4 years ago
first; tanks for sharing

Id like to know what this exactly is and what it is supposed to do.

waiting for more information such as video ...
a.hwid4 years ago
Thanks for sharing

Id like to know what this exactly is and what it exactly do?

and waiting for more information such as videos ...

techno guy4 years ago
Does this do anything?
jeiy4 years ago
how long does it take for the battery to run out?
garrett104 years ago
Could anyone list the parts and where they came from? I.E. what type of a appliance like a VCR or computer, etc.
garrett104 years ago
WANT! I already have two of the parts in this just laying around. It would be really awesome if you made an instructable or maybe listed all of the components required.
ANTIGRAVITY! WHOOO-HOOOO! Question: How close are we to antigrav generators?
ebayboy984 years ago
Hey I'm Pretty sure you would win a contest with this thing. You should really consider posting the instructions on how to make this. Also most people will probably think that it doesn't work you should post a video of it is in action. Please post how to make this. I have always dreamed of making a working anti-gravity chamber. Nice job person who makes things like Tony Stark!
koduor4 years ago
looks cool.but i was wondering whether it is possible to make an actual antiGRAVITY machine that can float objects!?.
mathieulj4 years ago
It is my opinion that this most likely does not perform any kind of levitation of non magnetics (levitation of magnetic materials like iron is still a possibility). I does however look very cool.
temp4 years ago
When I saw this, and im not going to lie, I thought it was real. Not as in you can make anything float with it but it reminded me of the story of the scientists that floated a frog in a magnetic field... Anyways, this looks really cool and great photos.
rickharris4 years ago
You must have a big spares bin.

It looks like the internals of a brushless motor loosely connected to a bunch of random bits.

Bet it doesn't work as advertised.