In this you will learn about how to make a wallet with anti-theft technology.

Step 1: Things You Will Need -:

Button Cells
reed switch
Wallet you use
Doube sided tape.

Step 2:

connect the terminals of buzzor and cells and after that connect the reed switch to the -ve and +ve terminals of battery and buzzor.

Step 3:

paste the module in your wallet with the help of double sided tape.

Step 4:

Take a magnet and stick the magnet in the pocket with double sided tape and take care that the reed switch is near the magnet so that the buzzor.

Step 5:

Your wallet is ready so just roam around without any fear of your wallet and when you hear the sound your wallet is out of your pocket.

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No dude thats not the reason,I want to make ot for my fun
great idea dude... i'm sure that your wallet has been stolen before...

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