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Introduction: Anti-yo Worldwide Yo-yo Video Contest

Sorry about the quality my camera decided to me...
Added: February 12, 2008
Sorry about the quality my camera decided to mess up at the wrong time.
Trick 1:
Step 1: Make a super cool pose that makes you feel confident.
Step 2: Make a Super-man Pose and Throw a Break-Away
Step 3: Tug and catch.
Trick 2:
Step 1: Bend your Knees in anyway that makes you feel like a chicken
Step 2: Think "I AM the next JonRob
Step 3:Talk like JonRob, Words like What, Lets Get it, And Step yo Game up Help The most
Step 4:Throw a Trapeze
Step 5: Make the loop on your Opposite throw hand as big as my head
Step 6:Bring the counter weight in and out of the hole.
Step 7: Bind it and walk away happy.



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    Heh...heh... Do you happen to have ADD? JK, JK. No, just the thumbs up and the squatting thingy sort of threw me off.

    Very nice, though nothing to do with knitting!

    Nice job.

    And haha that the thumbs up at the beginning. :P