Yoyo trick: Edgy Formation (Anti-Yo Entry)

video Yoyo trick: Edgy Formation (Anti-Yo Entry)
A short time ago, in a country far, far away...

It is a period of metal YoYos. Green
Triangles, unfolding from a flying
Trapeze , have won their first victory
against the evil creative Minds.

During the Contest, Rebel spies managed
to steal secret plans to the
ultimate weapon, the Edgy Formation, a
knot Green Triangle with enough
power to destroy all other Contestants.

Pursued by the Edgy Formation,
Princess Bape creates a trapeze
then the 1.5 Mount, custodian of mounts
that can be followed from a chopstick and restore
freedom for a jump into the galaxy of Green Triangles....

(PS: if you want another Version (more string visibility) look here: )
Mmm... I like the style of the video and the trick. Cool to see that many entrants are as savvy with a video editor as with a yoyo.
I also edit alot and entered the contest my trick is split the boingy atom :) have a nice day
Really nice job!
Cool video, each one getting posted on Instructables is just great.
Nice job, I hope to see more!