Okay, it's not really antimatter, but most people that dare to think for themselves are probably on somebody's watch list, and I don't want to attract attention from any Three-Letter Agencies... And everybody knows there's no such thing as antimatter, right? Right?...

Disclaimer: I am not responsible for your actions. I will not be held liable if you do something stupid with this, including, but not limited to, hurting yourself, taking this model into an airport, Government building, or other public place and causing an incident, being tackled and wrestled to the ground, and/or getting arrested and sent to Gitmo.

This model of a mining/excavating atomic device is based on Nootropic Design's fabulous Defusable Clock, which is:

  1. Arduino based, using the ATmega 328 chip, and thus eminently hackable, and
  2. A fully functional alarm clock, and
  3. Reasonably priced, and
  4. Looks Dangerous by itself, and we're going to make it look Really Dangerous!

This gives a whole new meaning to "Atomic Clock!"

Credit where credit is due Dept: Thank you, ewout, for the A-35 Doomsday device. A picture of this got me thinking...

This is a guide only, and should not be followed verbatim, because you will probably not have access to the exact same parts I did, and besides, you want it to be your own artistic creation!

The circuitry described here can be used as-is or modified to taste. You will be able to find parts for the electronics, but probably not the exact same greebles (The things that make it look cooler but don't actually do anything). Some might be hard/impossible to find. Use what you've got in your junk box! I will give sources if I know them for some of the parts.

If you need a cool movie prop, Halloween decoration, or just an alarm(ing?) clock that will command more attention than any other, read on.

Step 1: Press Release

July 16, 2035

Nexatomic, inc

235 Perro Caliente Ave.

Los Alamos, NM

For Immediate Release:

Nexatomic, Inc. announces the AV-1, the world's first completely clean, safe, adjustable nuclear explosive for mining and heavy earth-moving operations. Mining, dredging, and canal building just moved into the 21st Century!

Project Plowshare, as it was called in development, aims to put the power of the Atom into the hands of industrial excavating operations everywhere. It has been extensively tested at both our Lunar and Terrestrial testing facilities, with zero failures. For the very affordable price of just $1999, every AV-1 has the following features:

  • Completely free of Beta, Gamma, and Neutron Radiation, thanks to our Patent Pending Positron-Neutron Venturi Technology.
  • No annoying fallout. Can re-occupy area as soon as it cools. (May take several days in hard rock.)
  • Selectable detonation delay up to 99 minutes.
  • Advanced biometric security features prevent unauthorized use.
  • Yield selectable from 1 to 15 Kilotons using handy front panel switches.
  • One tenth the cost per kiloton of conventional explosives.
  • Small, lightweight, and durable.

Uses of the AV-1 include:

  • Mining, both underground and open pit.
  • Dredging
  • Artificial lakes and reservoirs
  • Canals
  • Asteroid propulsion

Bulk pricing is available. Buy 10, get the 11th one free!

<p>Haha! Is this the result of cleaning out the electronics bin? It has Everything! This is awesome!</p>
<p>That's the &quot;Digital RePurposing Depot!&quot; And yes. Mine and several others!</p>
<p>&quot;Monophasic Chronometer&quot; 8D awesomeness! Love this one! Great sense of humor and coolness factor.</p>
<p>Just to let you know, there IS such thing as antimatter though science today can only produce it in microscopic quantities.</p><p>All naturally occurring antimatter (at least that science knows about) annihilated itself with matter in the Big Bang and matter won out.</p>
Um, yeah. I've been studying cosmology almost since the Big Bang (was discovered). You must have missed the joke. And in this context, &quot;microscopic&quot; means one antiproton at a time...
<p>My bad. I guess I must have missed it.</p><p>I take it to mean then that the sentence </p><p>&quot;And everybody knows there's no such thing as antimatter, right? Right?...&quot;</p><p>was meant to be sarcastic then.</p><p>But then in my defense, intonation is extremely hard to express over the net through typed words without actually typing something like (this is sarcasm).</p><p>And I guess I chose microscopic quantities incorrectly when I should have said minute quantities.</p>
Rock On!
<p>That's okay. Perhaps I should have said, &quot;No such thing as antimatter <strong>in usable quantities</strong>,&quot; but that would have diluted the intended irony of the sentence.</p>
<p>this and the other one would be a great timer for prop makers who are waiting for resin and glues to set.</p>
...Or the world's most elaborate egg timer...
Well i guess Some of the Dharma people got off the island and decided to create an explosives company.
Dharma is Everywhere! Of course, possible side effects of using this device are distortions in the fabric of space-time...
Wow, that's cool, and cool looking. Your right in you need to be careful where you put this. You do t want to leave it in the lobby of a train station or air port. Nice work!
<p>I need a really cool wooden crate or aluminum canister to house it in to prevent panic...</p>
<p>Awesome.</p><p>I could definitely use one.</p>
<p>Remember, this device is for peaceful purposes ONLY! Any use on enemy strongholds will be a breach of your user agreement with NexAtomic.</p>

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