Step 10: Ball Bearings, Cranks, and Pedals

Picture of Ball Bearings, Cranks, and Pedals

I bought 2 pillow block ball bearings from bearingsdirect.com to fit the outside shaft of my hub.
The outside shaft measured 17mm in diameter, so a pillow block bearing with a 17mm
core shaft worked perfect.
You simply slide each pillow-block ball bearing to the outside shaft of the hub and
tighten the adjusting screw so it does not slip off.
I used a tap and die set for the cranks and pedals.
My cranks and pedals are from the old bike.  Just cut them off at the bend to the shaft.
I used a 27/64" drill bit to drill a hole on the crank and tapped it to 1/2" with 1/2" - 13 NC Tap
I then threaded the outside shaft of my hub with a 1/2" - 13 NC Die to accept the cranks.
I gave the cranks a few turns onto the shaft of the hub and securely placed them at
180 degrees from each other and then welded them permanently.

sweet build im making 1 at the moment, for the cranks i used a 16mm die steel rod and ground out a 10mm slot so i could use cottered cranks im guna upload them soon, were did you get the tubing from for the tire? im in the uk and cant seem to find it
I realise that your post is quite old, but just in case you're still stuck, or other people in the UK want to try this (I certainly do, and found the tyre was the sticking point.. until I found out about the following company) here is some iformation that might help.

There is a company who produce tyres suitable for this application, based in the UK, and it does NOT require a hollow tube and a wire, tensioned by the fitter, and brazed in place. The company produce puncture-proof tyres for wheelchairs, which fit using a coil embedded through the tyre itself. The company is called Lee Healey, and their website is http://www.lee-healey.com/ - unfortunately they don't have prices on the website, mainly because they offer different sizes and it also depends on the length.

I emailed using the details on the website and asked about penny farthing tyres, and I got a reply:

"We do sell tyring by the metre, We hold some over runs in certain sizes.

This is available in 15mm White & Black, 19mm Red, White & Black, 22mm Black & 25mm Black all dependant upon requirement. I normally supply 19 or 22mm for Penny Farthing Tyring.

The spiralling runs through the tyring and this is used to connect the ends as per the fitting instructions.

I hope this is useful and if you advise length and size required and were it to be sent I can advise costs."

and attached to the email reply was a word document containing (VERY simple) instructions for fitting of the tyres:

"Using a wet knife, cut the rubber down to the wire inside to length. [there was a table stating which length to cut the tyring to, but it only went up to 635mm/25" and suggested cutting it to 1918mm/75.5"]

Cut the wire with strong wire cutters or press the wire onto a piece of steel held in a vice and cut with a hammer and chisel.

The wire must be cleanly cut. Grind the end of the wire flush with the rubber.

Then cut a full 6.5mm (¼”) of rubber from each end using a wet knife. Hold the ends of the tyring and twist the right hand end in a backward direction exactly four complete revolutions.

Bring the two ends together. Let the reversed end screw forward until the ends of the rubber close up.

Place the joint in the rim first and then stretch the tyre on evenly all round making certain it is not twisted."

Hope this helps some of the UK residents looking at this wonderful Instructable - would be nice to see more of these on the roads - saw one just last week in Preston and it certainly raised smiles!
Jagster19982 years ago
I'm sorry if this is a stupid question but if I may ask how is the shaft connected to the hub tube?