This instructable combines a painting technique that I have been wanting to try with a stylish way to display pictures around the house.

About a year ago I saw a DIY show in which a woman painted furniture to look as though it had had years of natural aging. She used several layers of paint and various waxes and varnishes to accomplish the look. I experimented with spray paint, sand paper, and clear coat to get a similar look with much less hassle.

The wire line picture frame idea started when I realized that the pictures in my house have not been changed in many years. I have  oodles of pictures that I would love to put up, but don't ever bother to swap out the frames. There are photo boards and other ways to display and change out multiple pictures, but I have not found one that also complimented the style of my home and didn't look a little tacky.

Hence, the antique finish, wire line picture frame. One more note; there is a TON of room for personalization on this project, I'm just showing you how I made mine. I hope you like it and make one for yourself with your own twists. 

Step 1: Materials and Tools

I will preface this and the subsequent few steps by saying that you can certainly use a pre-made frame for this project. I found a damaged frame on clearance at a craft store for a previous version that worked nicely with a little cutting. If you want to use a pre-made frame, skip ahead to step 4.

The materials needed to construct the frame can all be found at any home improvement store. There is also a great deal of room for tweaking how you decide to make the frame. The method I used is relatively simple and requires only a few basic tools. I'm not much of a woodworker; I'm sure anyone with some skill in this area certainly knows a more elegant way to do this.



1 8 foot length of molding (I chose a style used for making door and window frames)
1 8 foot length of 1/2 x 3/4" wood called a furring strip
4 Flat corner brackets (and small wood screws if not included)
1 Small box of 5/8 x #18 finishing brads (make sure they are not long enough to go through the molding and the furring strip)
1 Bottle of wood glue
2 Picture hanger loops (for hanging the frame)
1 Package of cork or plastic bumpers to protect the wall on which the frame will hang

Wire Line:
4 Small eye-bolts
1 Package of braided picture frame wire (#2)
4 1/16" Wire clamps (called ferrules)
1 Box of bulldog clips, or other clips of your choice

2 Cans of different color spray paint. I used Krylon Black Primer and Krylon Indoor/Outdoor Burgundy. The primer provides a great background for the top color.
1 Can of matte clear coat.
1 Paper towels or some rags (for wiping off the paint)


Miter saw and miter box (power miter saw if you have one!)
Woodworking clamps (2 is enough, but a few more are always helpful)
Drill bits
Small punch
Needle-nose pliers
Regular pliers
Wire Cutters
Phillips head screw driver
Sander and sandpaper
Safety glasses
Mask for painting

I LOVE THIS! Fantastic! Thanks for sharing!

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