Create your own  antique light bulb organ to add nostalgic ambiance to any midi instrument!

12 light bulbs correspond to the 12 notes in an octave (minus the octave note). The rectangular box unfolds to position the light bulbs vertically for display, while at the same time providing a platform for the keyboard in use. Playing a note on the keyboard directly via midi, or through the usb port illuminates the light bulb for a particular key. Releasing the note, releases the key. Pedal presses are also recognized and keep the bulb maintained. The bulbs can be controlled without a computer by using the front mounted midi port, or via computer which allows for remote control via midi or osc messages. More about that later...

The light organ was built for and is currently in use by the band Future Dancing , see the video below to see it in action!

Future Dancing - Telling Stories from Future Dancing on Vimeo.


- 12 MIDI/OSC controlled light bulbs via DIN-5 MIDI port or remotely over USB
- Integrated USB hub providing 2 additional powered usb ports.
- Case unfolds into keyboard platform allowing for mounting on just about any keyboard stand.
- Really annoyingly bright LED that indicates to the player where the control is coming from, as if they didn't know...

Step 1: Overview

I figure there's three significant parts to this project, so I'll split this up into sections in case you're not interested in a particular one.

I.  Construction -  wooden enclosure etc. (step 2)
II.  Electronics - microcontroller circuit and solid state relay control (step 7)
III.  Software - avr code as well as virtual midi and osc driver (OSX) (step 11)
Really love this device. Wish I had the time, patience, and knowledge to make it myself (or buy it).<br><br>Found out more about the &quot;Pipe Bomb Mic&quot; aka the Copperphone. link here: http://www.placidaudio.com/the-copperphone/
<br> This has been featured on <a href="http://www.notcot.org/post/39000/">NOTCOT</a>.<br>
i LOVE this! can i borrow your brains!?
wow! very impressive light organ! i can't stop watching this video :) <br>good work!
great video!
I'd like to see an instructable on the mic the girl was using. <br> <br>Very cool! I like the lightbulbs that were chosen. They remind me of vacuume tubes.
Awesome project, likes the video too, music wasn't really my taste but liked the intro and style an awful lot - the lights look great in action. <br><br>Featured!

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