Step 2: Construction - Design

Picture of Construction - Design
This part of the instructable would be a lot better if I hadn't left my drawings at home depot when I bought the wood.  Luckily that was after I had cut the wood when I went back to buy some hinges.  Either way, the truth is, the box construction wasn't well planned and I think I got pretty lucky that it ended up fitting together properly.

The most important things I wanted to keep in mind when designing this were that it needed to be durable for portability, and not require a lot of assembly, since there's not usually a lot of time setting up on stage.  It would have been a lot easier to construct something that didn't contain the actual light bulbs, in other words, if the light bulbs had to be screwed in and removed for each use, it would be able to be a lot smaller.  Something to keep in mind if you're building your own.

So, the design process for me basically came down to one thing, the width and height of the light bulbs, as that pretty much determined the size of the box.  Once I settled on the idea that the light bulbs would fold down inside the box, the rest sort of came easily.