Step 3: Construction - Outer Frame

Once I settled on the overall dimensions, it was time to start cutting.  I got a single sheet of 3/4" plywood from home depot and cut the appropriate pieces out of the wood.  For each piece I cut it a little bigger than my actual measurements.  By assembling one piece at a time, gluing and screwing in the wood, then sanding down the edges, I was able to get a smoother joint between the various pieces.  I don't have the proper tools to make the precision cuts that would be necessary for properly making a box like this, but it works out okay if you're willing to take some time with a sander.

Each piece was individually cut then glued with wood glue, and screwed in using countersunk drill holes to keep the board flush on the sides and top.  The corner pieces had additional 3 sided angle brackets to provide more support.  I glued and screwed just about everything together with the exception of the top.  For the top, I only screwed it in, so that I could sand it down and get the edges smooth, but still be able to remove it for installing the electronics and later on for staining the wood.
Really love this device. Wish I had the time, patience, and knowledge to make it myself (or buy it).<br><br>Found out more about the &quot;Pipe Bomb Mic&quot; aka the Copperphone. link here: http://www.placidaudio.com/the-copperphone/
<br> This has been featured on <a href="http://www.notcot.org/post/39000/">NOTCOT</a>.<br>
i LOVE this! can i borrow your brains!?
wow! very impressive light organ! i can't stop watching this video :) <br>good work!
great video!
I'd like to see an instructable on the mic the girl was using. <br> <br>Very cool! I like the lightbulbs that were chosen. They remind me of vacuume tubes.
Awesome project, likes the video too, music wasn't really my taste but liked the intro and style an awful lot - the lights look great in action. <br><br>Featured!

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