Antique Room Finial


Introduction: Antique Room Finial

     A quick and easy finial taken from an old table leg, pieces from an old lamp, a ripped 1X7 white pine board, the bottom of a wooden paper towel holder, some wood glue, a few wood screws, four wooden cross cut-outs from walmart or micheals (etc.)and a garage sale find of antiqued upholstery finish tacks.... oh, and some paint lying around...
     This took about an hour to completely assemble.  After measuring and cutting, this was put together and given a base coat of antique red.  The next day a dry brush of an antique teal/corroded copper...
     Personally, I think it looks just as good as those from Hobby Lobby or Kirklands, and it only costs what u (might) have lying around...
     Sorry for the cell phone pics.....Thanks for looking.



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    Thank you! I usually get something in my head and don't stop until it's done...then I think: "Crap!...I should've taken pics"

    I still do that or realize half way through "this could be an instructable" . Sometimes its tough to stop the creative process just to take pics and even tougher when its a spur of the moment project that just seems to come together

    Exactly... I noticed your love of food. I too share that passion.... I could never stop myself in the middle of FOOD to take a pic.... My hat is off to you! Many great instructables/recipes/life moments.?.. not sure I worded that right?... ????

    LOL. it really is difficult to stop at EACH step (or deciding what constitutes a step) and take a pic but you get used to it. I had this "ible" in mind last night when I rescued 4 bed posts from the trash, they aren't very ornate, being from newer furniture but I have some steel plates I'll add to the bottoms and make stanchions to help direct the crowds at halloween. Life moments works 4 me, that's what I meant when I said you never know what can become an instructable

    i looked at your halloween stuff...pretty cool

    Welcome to the addictive world of instructables posting ! Friends and family will begin to look at you oddly when you stop and take pics of every project you do "just in case it could be an instructable" but thats OK ! I hope to see more projects like this one

    It still needs a little antique glaze. It is almost 5 feet tall and looks really good in my living room....