Yes you guessed right another LED lamp. This excellent Brass Lamp makes a nice edition to my collection. And this can be done with any lamp should you choose to build a custom LED bulb for your lamp GO GREEN! Save some of your hard earned cash to buy supply's for Instructables!
This build should only take few hours to complete. I hope you find it enjoyable to make as I did with this build. 
These 3.7 volt Lithium batteries really light these LED's up!

Step 1: Tools And Parts


Butane torch
Needle nose pliers
Soldering Iron & Flux and solder
Wire strippers  
Small Flathead screwdriver 
Razor knife


9 LED Flashlight from dollar store or any Home Depot  carries them for 2.99 or cheaper.
Some lengths of copper wire. (Needs to small enough for 2 of them to fit down the hole in the Socket)
1  3.7 volt Lithium cell phone battery.
1  Single pole toggle switch $3.39 At Radio Shack.
1 USB female connector.
1 USB male connector. 

I like the idea of not having to use incandescent bulbs for my antique lamps, but I’m wondering if this is worth the effort if you have to charge the battery with the appropriate phone? It’s a good hack in theory, but I think I’ll stick to compact fluorescent bulbs instead.
Hello grasshopper,I have a 3.7 cell battery and wanted to use for a similar type project, <br>and I have the recharger,but was told that I CAN'T charge without the use of the whole phone,IS THIS CORRECT??? ...Really like your works
Thank you jimmysymo, <br>Yes, You will have to use the phone as the charger for your battery, Be sure to use the right battery for the phone. As long as it has a full charge it should power a LED for some time. I hope this helps. Feel free to ask anytime.
You have answered my question and thanks much for the link!
I made this to recharge my cell batteries https://www.instructables.com/id/Make-a-USB-battery-charger-for-cell-phone-batterie/ <br> and also I use the cell phone that the battery came from, if you are good with soldering iron you can solder wires to said battery and still have it fit in the phone. <br>I find that using these old cell batteries have allot more power and are easy to recharge if you have the mindset to do it. Hope I have answered your question well enough. <br>Cheers!
Very cool! One question: how would you go about recharging these 3.7 volt cell phone batteries?
Beautiful lamp! (Where did you find a neat lamp like that?) <br>Anyways I wanted to share a recent discovery of mine... a few weeks ago I found some nice halogen lighbulbs that are inside a standard &quot;Edison&quot; incandescent lightbulb at my local dollar store (Dollar Tree), not only that but they were packs of 4! Anyways when one of them burned out the other day I decided to see I could easily pull out the halogen bulb and base without breaking the outer glass bulb... and with a quick bit around the base with a &quot;dremel&quot; cutoff wheel, to cut off the brass base (wasn't needed really, I just wanted to keep the base intact as much as possible...) Anyways (I digress yet again...) I was easily able to pull out the halogen lamp intact along with keeping both the base and to outer glass bulb intact... <br>(the lightbulb looks a bit like the one below, but it wasn't a globe...)
Thank you. I found this lamp in the trash, Hard to imagine somebody putting that in the garbage. <br><br>I am looking forward to your instructable on your light!!
Cool lamp! I particularly like the idea of splicing a usb cable on to an old cellphone battery to be used as a lamp power source... Great idea... that I may have to borrow;-)
Thank you winged Fist! I'm glad you like it or the idea of it, feel free to borrow anytime! :)

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