video Antiyo contest entry by thebboy: stop and go
after watching the video, you can imagine why it's called stop and go. perform a brain twister mount, then put both hands up high and catch the yoyo between them stopping the yoyo. now, put your hand under the yoyo opposite the way you should throw a sleeper and throw it down hard and return it to your throw hand.

Level of trick: beginner/intermediate
type of yoyo used: duncan freehand zero (got mine from yoyoguy.com)


(don't i look so retarded with my face when i do the brain twister. i would redo the video, but it's too late now.
Hellchild5 years ago
CASEY!!! put the video back up!
Nice trick. You're much better than me. I don't know how to do anything with the yoyo actually. Except maybe: -Hit myself in the face. -Hit myself in the head. -Hit myself somewhere else on my body. -Make it do that spinning thing when you make it go up and down. -Blow it up. -Burn it. -Make it spin on the ground. Then destroy it in a way. Anyways, nice job!
sounds painful
hey wait how do you blow a yo yo up by using it?
There's ways.
thebboy (author)  GorillazMiko7 years ago
thank you. took me a while.
canida7 years ago
Sweet! I can barely manage to yo-yo, so find this a pretty impressive trick. ;) Are you trying some of the crazy stuff everyone else has posted?
thebboy (author)  canida7 years ago
i wish, but my yoyo turned all wierd on me, so no. i probably couldn't do any of it anyway. thanks for commenting.
recommended yoyo: Dark Magic!
thebboy (author)  PineapplebobTheGreat7 years ago
you should try mine it's a great sleeper
thebboy (author)  Hellchild7 years ago
could i borrow it tomorrow?
thebboy (author) 7 years ago
ooh and i look really retarded in it.
thebboy (author) 7 years ago
why has noone commented on this yet? it sucks like crap doesn't it? i never should've entered.
don't feel sad. +1 From me!
oops i can't rate it. This is very good!!
thebboy (author)  Hellchild7 years ago
well, atleast one person likes it. It sorta broke yesterday though. not really break just not work right