Introduction: Antler Ring *WARNING: GRAPHIC IMAGES*

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made this out of some antlers

Step 1: Cut the Antlers Off the Skull.

Carefully remove the antlers from the skull with the band saw... MAKE SURE YOU ARE EXTREMELY CAREFUL it is very easy to have a accident and have to go to the ER.... it happened to me while making it.. gave me 6 stiches.

Step 2: Cut the Hole in the Antler.

After you carefully take the antlers off, make the hole for the ring... this can be done using a dremel tool or a drill press.

Step 3: Cut the Desired Thickness and Sand

After making the ring hole, cut it the desired thickness with either the band saw or a hand saw.. then sand it to make it somewhat round

Step 4: Finish It Up

I then used the dremel tool with a sander drum bit to made the hole the right size, then I took the dremel tool with a sander disk and rounded it till it felt comfortable



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    Looks a lot like my first one.

    It can as it's actually slightly burning the surface.

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    Thank you for the tip.. I made myself a leather wheel... and used the drill press... the wheel doesn't look pretty but it got the job done.. thanks again!?


    I got stitches making my Instructable salvaging LCDs.

    Darn power tools bite.

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    What? No contest for oops?
    If you burnish the surfaces, polish by abrasion, leather wheel, it fills the pores. If you don't have a leather wheel, it can be done on a piece of of soft wood.

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    Sadly I am unfamiliar with the burnishing, what does it do..? This is my first time making something out of antlers.

    It's polishing by friction heating. It can be done with most organic solids. Take a round piece of wood and mount it in a drill or lathe. Put it on medium low speed. Press your item into it. The friction and heat will seal and polish the work item. I suggest you start with a scrap piece to practice. You can also do it with a leather covered block. Wearing gloves is advised. Take your time, if you get the antler to hot it may shatter.

    Okay thank you for explaining it to me, will it change the color of the piece..?

    When you said " warning graphic images " I thought you meant the deer skull then I saw the cut and about puked

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    Nice cut! did you have to seal the ring one you were finished?

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    Thanks! No it seems to be naturally sealed. if it presents a problem I will... but since it is natural antlers it should be fine. Thanks for the comment!