Picture of Ants on a Log
Howdy! Ants on a Log is a a perfect snack to take along on a picnic or surprise your friends at a potluck! Including the super secret ingredient will have everyone talking and wanting more!

You will need to gather the following supplies to make this fun snack a reality!

a bundle of celery
jar of peanut butter
marshmallow stuff (super secret ingredient)
2 knives
paper towel or kitchen towel
kitchen sink with running water
serving platter

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Step 1:

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First you will need to wash your celery with cold water.

Step 2:

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Proceed to dry off your celery with a paper towel or kitchen towel.

Step 3:

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Pull apart the celery and using one of the knives cut celery into 3 inch pieces.  This is the Log!
Note: I am using a butter knife which makes this process kid friendly. If you are a wiz with kitchen utensils and over the age of 12 you may want to use a sharper knife, but be careful.

Step 4:

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Now, using one of your knives smear the peanut butter onto the log.  This can be a messy process, so please be mindful of your guests and do not get this sticky substance on your fingers.  If this happens you may subsequently have to lick it off and that would be unstanitary.

Note: You may use creamy or crunchy peanut butter depending on your personal preference.  I find that crunchy adds a layer of texture for your mouths delight!

Step 5:

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The super secret ingredient will make your tastebuds do a magical dance!  Using the remaining knife scoop and place dollops of marshmallow stuff on top of the peanut butter which is placed on the log. Again, be extremely careful not to get this on your fingers or you might be forced to lick it off and that would be unsanitary.
Super cute - love the gifs! :)
Biggsy2 years ago
The thought of combining marshmallow, peanut butter and celery makes me feel quick sick... but if it works for you then go for it

If I ate that i think people would think i was pregnant...

Anyways, a great instructable none the less... Welldone