Howdy! Ants on a Log is a a perfect snack to take along on a picnic or surprise your friends at a potluck! Including the super secret ingredient will have everyone talking and wanting more!

You will need to gather the following supplies to make this fun snack a reality!

a bundle of celery
jar of peanut butter
marshmallow stuff (super secret ingredient)
2 knives
paper towel or kitchen towel
kitchen sink with running water
serving platter

Step 1:

First you will need to wash your celery with cold water.
Super cute - love the gifs! :)
The thought of combining marshmallow, peanut butter and celery makes me feel quick sick... but if it works for you then go for it <br> <br>If I ate that i think people would think i was pregnant... <br> <br>Anyways, a great instructable none the less... Welldone

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