This is an easy to make and efficiency Suppressor for any caliber.

-Water Tap Extension
-Steel wool
-Wire mesh
-Washer (in your caliber dimension)

Step 1:

Solder the washer on the Water Tap Extension (faucet extender).

Step 2:

Roll the steel wool and the wireframe, so that they fit in the faucet extender.

Step 3:

Screw all foucet extender together

Step 4:

Add 2 Screws to secure the suppressor on your rifle.

Step 5:

For best performance use only Sub Sonic ammunition.
I dont know were u live but in America it is very illegal
<p>Sorry Paracordaholic, but NOPE... <br><br>Not illegal at all. You need the tax stamp, and the unit must be registered with a visible serial number permanently marked upon the outer tube.<br><br></p>
I don't even live in the USA and I know it's not illegal if you've got the licence and paid tax.
<p>If you're in the US and you want to build a suppressor, get a Form 1 on the ATF website, send it to them with the $200 tax stamp, and go to SD Tactical.com and check out their hardware section, they have baffles and tubes. You can build one of their's for about $150 +tax stamp. IN THE US YOU NEED A TAX STAMP PER EACH UNIT.</p>
Flagging as incomplete cuz the owners not answering or revising this instruct able. You should do the same.
What are the specs?
Could you give a little more details on where you acquired those faucet extenders? Is there an online site you could point me to and size of washers
<p>may I just say very illegal not that I dont think its a good ible just hope u dont get in trouble</p>
<p>It is not illeagal to make a suppressor for your gun. If anything, it's more considerate of the people you're shooting around.</p>
Where do you get the faucet extender
Sub sonic ammunition is already really quiet so I don't know what your talking about
140dB are much much louder than 120dB becouse the decibel (dB) is a logarithmic unit u! <br> <br>And here a Decibel Description: <br>http://www.thunderpowermegaphones.com/thunder-power-website/db_chart.png
I dont think so! <br>https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ap86bXjg804