Introduction: Smartphone + Water Drop = Macro Photography

Picture of Smartphone  + Water Drop = Macro Photography

NO MONEY or extra lens or photo editing skills is required .

we will use a water drop as a lens.

Can be used as a great party trick. Inspired by this GUY

But except using a lens I used a Water drop.

Step 1: Don't Be Scared

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a drop of tap water on your camera lens will not do any damage.usually phone camera lens are tightly attached so water will no go in but watch out for microphone hole if there is any microphone hole near your camera i suggest you apply little tape on it to cover the hole

Step 2: How Dose It Work

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Due to surface tension water drop will form a semi circular lens type structure which will act as a macro lens.Surface tension holds water molecule together you can try this trick with a coin and a drop just keep adding drops of water to the with dropper slowly and you will be amazed how many drops can a coin hold before overflowing.

Step 3: How to Do It

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  1. Clean the camera lens.
  2. cover microphone hole or speakers if any.
  3. now apply the drop of water on the camera lens . Do not use dropper it over flows
  4. use your finger.
  5. just apply very little.
  6. now turn the phone slowly a start taking pictures.

Step 4: Blurry!!

Picture of Blurry!!

Don't panic its not your fault. Little drop of water will hold on to the lens but don't shake the phone much.

Blurry picture solution

1. This might be because of the water drop. it might not be correctly formed just clear the lens and apply lens.
2. Try auto focus on different areas it might correct the image.
3. Move camera near or far from the image to get a good picture.

Step 5: Whose Pictures to Take

Picture of Whose Pictures to Take

Usually people don't know what to do with macro photography because they are new here are few suggestions

1. ants
2. paper
3. hair
4. coins
5. spiders

and if you take any cool photos plz do tell me I want to see.

Step 6: Play With Your Camera

Picture of Play With Your Camera

these are some images which i clicked in panaroma can even record video it looks really cool.


seamster (author)2014-09-03

Cool idea!

It would be helpful if you added the full link to the other project in your intro. Otherwise, nice work! I'm going to try this.

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